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14 Apr

Not only does little Nina purr like it’s going out  of style when we feed her carrots,


I can haz carrots?


She’s apparently also really into strawberries, cuz while Husband, some friends and I enjoyed a bottle of buttery, delicious wine the other night,


With a label like that, it HAS to be good!


Little Miss Nina pilfered a strawberry from our snack stash and thoroughly nommed it.


nom nom nom


I’m beginning to think we’ve gone and adopted ourselves a vegetarian kitteh…


...maybe it's a squirrel flavored strawberry?




New Year, New Look!

11 Jan

You’ve probably noticed by now that A Happy One’s got a brand spankin’ new look for the new year!  Here are some other changes you’ll be seeing in 2011:

1. I’ll be blogging more via Kevin, which means my typing skills are going to decrease dramatically when I use this *teeny, tiny* bluetooth keyboard (as evidenced by my dropped parenthesis on the Hand Warmer post… oops):

my fingers aren't that small, but it was so cute and squishy I just couldn't resist!

2.  I’ll be discontinuing the Rabbit Recipe series.  As it turns out, you people like to read about raw food *just* about as much as I like writing about it (which is to say, not at all).   You’re probably bored reading this right now, actually.  Maybe you should go microwave something – I hear it helps.  I’ll still be experimenting with my food intake (cuz I love it, yo yo you know yo), but unless I discover something ultra-awesome you probably won’t hear about it.  Are you still reading?  Wow, impressive!  Did you know that I don’t have a humidifier big enough to de-staticize my whole house?  Oh, it’s totally true!  Instead I’ve got the shower running incrementally throughout the day… I wonder if someone’s done a study about what’s more environmentally friendly – showers or humidifiers…  hmm…  Still with me?  Really?  Okay, well, anyway (gosh, I feel like Kelly from The Office right now), last night Husband and I organized a whole bunch of computer cables!  Oh yes, it was SO exciting.  We wound them up, put them in bags, labeled them, and stored them.  Oh man, you have NO IDEA how exciting it was.  After that we checked our e-mail and went to bed.  We got cold because the window was open, so some time in the middle of the night I got up and closed the window.  Then we got too hot.  After that, Husband’s alarm went off and we listened to NPR for awhile.  Then, we got up.  OKAY, stop.  This is hurting me.  Move on to bullet point #3.  Please?…

OMG, and then like, I totally had to put on lip gloss!

3. I *suppose* I could probably post a few more pictures of my awesome kitten (currently 15 wks), Nina Simone.  You just have to promise not to call me a cat lady, okay?

Nina nomming on her Christmas present

Okay.  That’s enough things.  Peace out, yo.  })i({

Rabbit Recipe: Spinach Dip

21 Dec

In an effort to improve our diet Husband and I are attempting to replace at least 50% of our meals with raw food,

or as my daDdy affectionately refers to it, Rabbit Food.  Each Tuesday I’ll share my latest Rabbit Recipe, along with our raw food successes (and failures).

Enjoy!  })i({

Rabbit Recipe: Spinach Dip

– 5oz fresh spinach

– 1 cup crushed, dried soybean nuts

– 2Tbsp. lemon juice

-2 Tbsp. mayo

-2oz. goat cheese

-a splash of water to thin, if needed

*So anyway, this is delicious, and I definitely didn’t cook it, but I’m pretty sure there are raw foodies out there who would nail me for the mayo and the goat cheese.  The thing is, the more I get into this whole raw food movement, the more I realize that most raw recipes involve either dehydrating things (which, if you ask me, counts as just cooking them at a really low temperature for a really long time, thus negating the “raw” aspect), or smashing up a ton of things in your food processor and calling it soup, dip, salsa, or some other sort of related word.  I don’t feel bad about the goat cheese.  I don’t feel bad about the mayo.  I don’t even feel bad that the thing we dipped in our spinach dip was Papa John’s breadsticks!

I do sort of feel like a raw-food-fraud, though.  I mean, I certainly enjoy eating, say, a bowl of fruit for dinner, but… uhm… what about FIRE?  I really, really like FIRE, and catching things on fire.  I also enjoy cooking things, and cooking things with FIRE.  I mean, my spinach dip was tasty, don’t get me wrong, but all I could think while nomming was how much better it would taste if I melted it into a warm, oozy, cheesy-and-spinachy wonderland.

Anywho, it appears I’m having a raw food ethical dilemma, or, I guess, discovering that raw food just isn’t for me (though Nina *adores* it).  I mean, really.  It just makes my heart sad to think that raw foodies can’t ever have even one kernel of popcorn.


what does a raw foodie eat at the movies?


I think for the new year I’m going to revamp Rabbit Recipes a bit, though I’m not sure exactly how just yet.  I’m thinking a good first step would be to add fire.  Luckily, Mr. Bun-Bun is all over it…  })i({

You can never be too prepared...