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Oh yeah, and eggs too.

19 Jul


Not as cool as toast, but still fairly awesome.

You can find the free pattern for these cute little eggywegs here:

Little Fried Egg

And that about does it for Nephew’s Birthday Breakfast.  I think I’ll make him lunch next year…

Happy Birthday, Nephewsula!


Coffee, anyone?

8 Jul

Too much?  Well, then how about just a bit of espresso?


HERE’S THE FREE PATTERN, brought to you by one Ms. Hannah Kaminsky.  Thanks, Hannah!



7 Jul

For our anniversary this year Husband and I did two things:

– We took a food tour of Old Town Alexandria, VA

– We test drove a BMW


Please enjoy the plethora of pictures I took of our test driving experience:

[                                 ]


Kay.  Now, check out the cool photos from our food tour!

Food Tour First Stop: Bilbo Baggins Inn/The Green Dragon Pub


If you think Hobbits and signs that say "Hippies Use the Back Door" are romantic, then this is the place for you!

If you think Hobbits and signs that say "Hippies Use the Back Door" are romantic, then this is the place for you!


We nommed a delicious mushroomy appetizer topped with a balsamic drizzle, a sun dried tomato, and a breaded bit of deeeeelicious cheese.  They also gave us a hobbit sized taste of beer. The guy across from me drank four of them.

In a thinly veiled attempt to hide our geekery, Husband and I pretended not to notice that whoever painted the Hobbity mural had CLEARLY never read the books:

WTH? Gandalf is wearing BROWN? And why is the door handle not in the middle of the door??? FAIL mural is fail.

Stop Two: Union Street Pub, some icky poo poo gazpacho soup, and the most delicious chicken salad sandwich I’ve ever eaten:

Stop Three: The Columbia Firehouse (which actually used to be a firehouse).


Water, anyone?


Scallops, risotto with pesto, and more sun dried tomatoes

(I may have nommed this a bit before I remembered to take a photo- it was quite yummy).


The final stop on our food tour was Husband and I’s favorite place in all of Alexandria — Old Town Coffee Tea and Spice (which we visit as often as possible, and which did not allow photographs). We had a delicious slice of jelly cake (Alexandria’s…erm…national dessert), bought some awesome coffee, and congratulated ourselves for already knowing about “the best kept secret in Old Town.”

Then we went home, took a nap, and played Minecraft. The End.

Who *is* this guy?!?


Stale Coffee + Melty Crayons

25 Jun

+ those teeny canning jars that jelly comes in and that are too small to reuse for anything useful =

COFFEE CANDLES! HOORAY! (btw- do I say ‘hooray’ too much, do you think?  hmmm…) Anyway.

I ground up my stale coffee, poured some in the bottom of a jar, & used it to stabilize the wick.

It's very scientific. I used about *that* much.

Then, because I am so crafty and full of awesome, I melted down some icky crayon bits I forgot to take out of my trunk during that heat spell we had a bit ago and poured them into the jar. I am so smart!

Some of the coffee grinds floated to the top. Groovy.

It's a green candle! (see what I did there?)

And… VOILA! A coffee scented candle! Hoor…uhm… I mean… Yeah, it was okay.

I had some stale coffee left, so I just put it into another one of the jars and hid it under the shoe rack by our front door.  It’s really nice to smell something other than feet when you get home. =)

How do you use up stale coffee?

Sweet Cuppity Cakes!

23 Jun
Georgetown Cupcake (DC) key lime cupcake

I can haz key lime?

I came across this picture and realized I forgot to share it with you.  Remember the weekend we went to Savor?


We also went to Georgetown Cupcake & got these delicious treats:

nom nom nom


My favorite, of course, was the key lime cupcake… it reminded me of my wedding cake!  Hooray, cupcakes!


19 Apr

Here’s how the last few days have been going around here:

Friday night: do laundry, pack, help Husband fill out security paperwork, realize there’s no food in the house, eat a bit of lettuce for dinner because that’s all you can find, fall into bed exhausted.

Saturday: get up at the a** crack of dawn while yelling, “NO, NO NO!” at your alarm clock, drive to Pittsburgh, go to a wedding, go to a wedding reception, have an intense yet utterly fulfilling conversation with your family, fall into bed exhausted.

(Funny anecdote of the evening, which occurred around 11:45pm):

daD: What are you doing down here, Melissa?

Me: Getting some whiskey.

daD: Why?

Me: There are two crying people on my bed and I can’t sleep.

daD: Do you really think whiskey is the best way to deal with that?

Me: Well… I’M not crying on my bed, and I want some whiskey!

daD: Carry on, then.)

Sunday: get up a few minutes after the a** crack of dawn, pack, attend a baptism, attend a baptism party, begin the drive home, stop in Breezewood at 4:30pm to eat *gasp* DINNER (yeah, yeah.  I’m old), get stuck in traffic, get home, unpack, realize there’s no food in the house, make a crack on facebook about how exciting it is to go to bed before dark, fall into bed exhausted.


Monday: try not to throw the alarm across the room when it goes off, feed the cat (who is cranky about having been left alone all weekend), realize there’s no food in the house, go meet two new clients at work, come home, realize there’s no food in the house, realize there’s no laundry soap in the house, eat some sort of mishmash you’re calling “stir fry,” but is actually the following:

-a half a bag of frozen edamame you found in the back of the freezer

– some black beans you didn’t have enough time to soak properly and are now curiously al dente

– three chopped baby carrots (the *only* food in the refrigerator, btw)

– a can of fire roasted tomatoes

– a tortilla

– some tuna

– a handful of rice, which you threw in with the beans to cook and subsequently turned an interesting shade of purple, and

– some pinto beans.

then, yup, you guessed it: fall into bed exhausted.

So, it’s been an eventful few days.  BUT, some really awesome things happened – the best of which was that I discovered a grocery delivery service!  Yay!

How was your weekend?


14 Apr

Not only does little Nina purr like it’s going out  of style when we feed her carrots,


I can haz carrots?


She’s apparently also really into strawberries, cuz while Husband, some friends and I enjoyed a bottle of buttery, delicious wine the other night,


With a label like that, it HAS to be good!


Little Miss Nina pilfered a strawberry from our snack stash and thoroughly nommed it.


nom nom nom


I’m beginning to think we’ve gone and adopted ourselves a vegetarian kitteh…


...maybe it's a squirrel flavored strawberry?