14 Apr

Not only does little Nina purr like it’s going out  of style when we feed her carrots,


I can haz carrots?


She’s apparently also really into strawberries, cuz while Husband, some friends and I enjoyed a bottle of buttery, delicious wine the other night,


With a label like that, it HAS to be good!


Little Miss Nina pilfered a strawberry from our snack stash and thoroughly nommed it.


nom nom nom


I’m beginning to think we’ve gone and adopted ourselves a vegetarian kitteh…


...maybe it's a squirrel flavored strawberry?




One Response to “Ninaberry”

  1. brooke greenbank April 14, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    Oliver *loves* carrots and munches them like Bugs Bunny. 🙂

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