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9 May

See that chair?  It used to be my favorite chair. So comfy. So comforting. So full of goodness and snuggles and warm fuzzies…

I can haz throne?

Now it is my Nina Kitten’s favorite chair.

She has lurvs for the chair (and yes, she’s also claimed my favorite Christmas present– Sad).

When I toss her off the chair (in a gentle, loving way, of course) so that actual people may sit on it, she naps elsewhere (though she does it with a cranky look on her face, don’t you think)?

cranky Nina is cranky.

I know it might be hard to recognize, but that kitten is giving me her best put-out look because I’ve forced her to sleep on her own bed instead of on my favorite chair.  I’m so mean!

See how she glares at me out of the corner of her eye?  Hmm… I wonder… is it over-indulgent of me to purchase a new chair for myself so that Nina can maintain her attachment to the Ninathrone?


It’s possible I’ve gone round the bend.  But seriously… can you blame me?  Nina Simone celebrated her 7 month birthday last Friday, and she is still the most adorable kitten in all the land, isn’t she?  I mean, isn’t she?  =)

Stained Glass Awesome

15 Mar

*whew*  I made it back to Crochetlandia.

I also worked up this awesome stash buster, which started like this:



And ended up looking rather like a stained glass window:


Groovy, man.

I love how patchworky and rustic it looks… I think the fuzzy dark blue yarn (left over from my granny sweater, dontcha know) really adds to the effect. I don’t usually like things with this many different colors, but for some reason I really like this combination.

Anyway, it’s not big enough to be a blanket, but the only color I’ve got left is the dark blue.   Maybe it’ll be the front of a pillow or something.  We’ll see.  In the meanwhile, Nina thinks it’s the perfect size for her.    =)


Smells like a nap to me!


Granny What Now?

9 Feb

Did you know that there’s a difference between a Granny Triangle and a Granny Half-Square?

You did? Smarty Pants.  =)

For the rest of you, check this out:


Granny Half Square

Granny Half Squares are flat on the bottom and involve adding an extra dc into the first and last “granny group” of each row.  For a refresher course, check out my ridiculously awesome tutorial!


Granny Triangles, on the other hand, are worked without turning the piece, and have three distinct roundy edges (and yes, that’s the scientific term):


Granny Triangle

For an awesome Granny Triangle tutorial, check out Carina’s craft blog – she’s got pictures and everything!

Nina is extremely smart, as you may know, and was able to correctly identify the Granny Triangle on her first attempt!


Smartest. Kitten. Ever.


In case you were hoping for a kitten-less shot (though I can’t imagine why), here you go:

AND… in case you were hoping for a bit more humor in today’s post, I just want you all to know that WordPress recommended I tag Cloris Leachman, the United States, and Constellation Maps in this post.  Then, when I typed those three things, it updated my recommended tags to include Go Daddy and a related article about a Grannie attacking thug bikers (which I’ve included below).  WordPress ROCKS.


I Hurt.

7 Feb

My heart hurts because my team lost the Superbowl (We’ll get ’em next year, boys!).

My fingers hurt because I spent too many days attached to my hook last week (which means I’ve got to take it easy on the creating things this week).


too much of a good thing


My brain hurts because Christina Aguilera doesn’t know the words to the national anthem.


"Boom, boom, something about rockets, right?"



My sensibilities hurt because, honestly, WHAT THE HECK was with that half-time show? No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are idiots…


If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be an alien-friendly halftime show! (Srsly, guys. Glow in the dark body suits? Really?)


My belly hurts because I ate too much delicious, delicious chili yesterday.

AAND my hometown pride hurts because apparently when your team loses the Superbowl (even though you’ve already won SIX), the appropriate thing to do is set your couch on fire. Classy, Pittsburgh.  I wish I was there to knock some sense into you.


Yinzers are really, REALLY good sports.

So, to recover from all of this hurting, I’m going to spend the day napping and grooming while Nina does the laundry, cleans the house, fills the prescriptions, does the mending, and preps for work this week.


This is what doing chores looks like.




The Power is Back!

31 Jan

…and so is Zoltar!  Woo hoo!  My awesomely amazing friend Jeff worked his IT voodoo magic on poor Zoltar, and now he’s back with a vengeance!  W00T!

(The IT magic involved some sort of silvery goo, some *teeny tiny* screwdrivers, and copious amounts of warm chocolate – cuz that’s the way Jeff likes it!)


I love you, Zoltar.

Oh, Zoltar – how I love you!  How I missed you!  How glad I am to be able to blog from a linuxy laptop again!  *ahem*

A bit over the top, you say?  Oh yeah?  Well, how long have you ever gone without your lappy, eh?  Zoltar, my long lost ASUS is back from the dead!

I will not mention that I may have gotten used to using Husband’s dual monitor set up.  I will not mention that I may have gotten used to the uber-excellent screen resolution on Husband’s compy.  I will not mention that Zoltar, though excellent for my 6-months-ago average computer usage, is now fair-to-middling at handling my current computer usage.


And I will definitely, DEFINITELY not mention that poor Zoltar is sitting quietly in the living room while I blog my little blog from Husband’s dual monitor Compy of Awesomeness.  Nope.  Not going to say a word.  My lips are sealed.


I WILL mention the following:

1. If the power suddenly comes back on, don’t blow out all your candles at once.  Seriously.  The fire department has enough to worry about without you setting off the smoke alarm due to sheer stupidity.


candle party!

2. Power Outages are exhausting for kittens.


I can haz nap?

3. When the house is quiet, mourning doves are not afraid to land on your balcony.


Three tiny bits of hope, just for me!

And with that, I’m off to the yarn store to stock up on some warm fuzzies for two projects: a custom winter set order for an Etsy customer and a delicious sweater for yours truly!  Hooray!

Misguided…err…Repurposed Projects

18 Jan

Remember that fateful night involving one too many glasses of vino and a bit of freecycled Christmas yarn?

Since the only cat who could successfully pull off a hat was Seussian, my cat hat became a festive jar cover for my sunflower seeds:

And… remember the awesome crazy-stitch cover I made for Kevin?


kevin's pouch

Well, since he upgraded accessories, his old pouch became my new blender cover!


maybe it should be the coffee grinder cover... hmm...

Anybody else have any awesome repurposey crochet projects?



A Most Excellent Weekend!

17 Jan

Things that occurred this weekend:

– kitteh discovered *the most* inconvenient hiding place of all time

– I finally discovered a good thing about having a glass table (thanks to KT and here awesome dry erase markers!).

– I got an excellent start on Linus!

How was your weekend?