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19 Apr

Here’s how the last few days have been going around here:

Friday night: do laundry, pack, help Husband fill out security paperwork, realize there’s no food in the house, eat a bit of lettuce for dinner because that’s all you can find, fall into bed exhausted.

Saturday: get up at the a** crack of dawn while yelling, “NO, NO NO!” at your alarm clock, drive to Pittsburgh, go to a wedding, go to a wedding reception, have an intense yet utterly fulfilling conversation with your family, fall into bed exhausted.

(Funny anecdote of the evening, which occurred around 11:45pm):

daD: What are you doing down here, Melissa?

Me: Getting some whiskey.

daD: Why?

Me: There are two crying people on my bed and I can’t sleep.

daD: Do you really think whiskey is the best way to deal with that?

Me: Well… I’M not crying on my bed, and I want some whiskey!

daD: Carry on, then.)

Sunday: get up a few minutes after the a** crack of dawn, pack, attend a baptism, attend a baptism party, begin the drive home, stop in Breezewood at 4:30pm to eat *gasp* DINNER (yeah, yeah.  I’m old), get stuck in traffic, get home, unpack, realize there’s no food in the house, make a crack on facebook about how exciting it is to go to bed before dark, fall into bed exhausted.


Monday: try not to throw the alarm across the room when it goes off, feed the cat (who is cranky about having been left alone all weekend), realize there’s no food in the house, go meet two new clients at work, come home, realize there’s no food in the house, realize there’s no laundry soap in the house, eat some sort of mishmash you’re calling “stir fry,” but is actually the following:

-a half a bag of frozen edamame you found in the back of the freezer

– some black beans you didn’t have enough time to soak properly and are now curiously al dente

– three chopped baby carrots (the *only* food in the refrigerator, btw)

– a can of fire roasted tomatoes

– a tortilla

– some tuna

– a handful of rice, which you threw in with the beans to cook and subsequently turned an interesting shade of purple, and

– some pinto beans.

then, yup, you guessed it: fall into bed exhausted.

So, it’s been an eventful few days.  BUT, some really awesome things happened – the best of which was that I discovered a grocery delivery service!  Yay!

How was your weekend?

An Unexpected Event

4 Apr


An unexpected death in the family had me road-tripping to Pittsburgh late last week (which is why you had no FPF…my apologies), and I only arrived back in DC a few minutes ago.  Since I forgot my camera (as usual), you’ll have to take my word that the following things actually happened:

1. I met  my new nephew, who, in case you were wondering, is UTTERLY awesome.

2. I said good-bye to an old friend by doing a shot of tequila with my moM, daD, brotheR, sister-in-laW, and Chibi. (Yeah, that’s right. My family ROCKS the grieving process).

3. I discovered something that should NEVER be repurposed — an empty weed killer bucket — and taught my 2.5 year old nephew a new phrase.  (“DO NOT REUSE THIS CONTAINER,” which, if you’re two and a half, sounds a lot like, “DOOO ROOoOSE TAINER.”)

4. I hugged some people I haven’t hugged in a long time, told them I missed them, and admired their brandy new almost finished house (and watched their little son lock himself in his closet about sixty thousand times).

5. I shot some coke cans all up, in the name of target practice, with my daD.


Sorry, Coke.

6. I renewed my love/hate relationship with the PA Turnpike.


I hate you, construction.


Here’s to Harvey, who once spent an hour trying to convince me I ought to be a professional beer taster – may the next phase of his journey be everything he hoped for and more.

Happy Beads are Happy!

28 Feb

So, what’s a girl to do with a whole bunch of sentimentally important beads she recently cut out of their hempy, hippie homes?

WHY, make wine glass charms, of course!

…can’t make wine glass charms without a *little* bit of crochet…

And the best part?  These little bad boys are hinged, so they’re easy to remove!

(Why, yes, OBVIOUSLY I had to drink a bit of wine while I made them…)

And, because I never, EVER get carried away, I absolutely did NOT go digging through my craft supplies for more beads, which I ABSOLUTELY did not turn into more wine glass charms.  Nope.  Not even a little bit.


these beads used to be a bracelet...


I removed this butterfly from an anklet to make it bracelet-sized. Let's face it... grown ups don't wear anklets, either.


these guys are from The Bead Mine in Pittsburgh... gosh, I miss Pittsburgh.

AAAAAnywho, no more sad comments, okay friends?  I have now upcycled, repurposed, and otherwise transformed my very favorite beady beads into functional, pretty, *way* more adult-ish type things.  YAY!

Pinot Noir, anyone?  =)

I Hurt.

7 Feb

My heart hurts because my team lost the Superbowl (We’ll get ’em next year, boys!).

My fingers hurt because I spent too many days attached to my hook last week (which means I’ve got to take it easy on the creating things this week).


too much of a good thing


My brain hurts because Christina Aguilera doesn’t know the words to the national anthem.


"Boom, boom, something about rockets, right?"



My sensibilities hurt because, honestly, WHAT THE HECK was with that half-time show? No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are idiots…


If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be an alien-friendly halftime show! (Srsly, guys. Glow in the dark body suits? Really?)


My belly hurts because I ate too much delicious, delicious chili yesterday.

AAND my hometown pride hurts because apparently when your team loses the Superbowl (even though you’ve already won SIX), the appropriate thing to do is set your couch on fire. Classy, Pittsburgh.  I wish I was there to knock some sense into you.


Yinzers are really, REALLY good sports.

So, to recover from all of this hurting, I’m going to spend the day napping and grooming while Nina does the laundry, cleans the house, fills the prescriptions, does the mending, and preps for work this week.


This is what doing chores looks like.





10 Jan

No, not the Ayn Rand kind…


…the Laurie Berkner kind!  A client of mine back in Pittsburgh used to sing this song to me all the time (usually when he was supposed to be doing something unpleasant like washing his hands or learning to write his name), and I have since adopted it as my theme song.  Hooray for songs that grown ups *and* kids enjoy!

Listen to it for free on Rhapsody!

Here are the lyrics:

I’m not perfect, no I’m not
I’m not perfect, but I’ve got what I’ve got
I do my very best, I do my very best
I do my very best each day
But I’m not perfect
And I hope you like me that way

We’re not perfect…

You’re not perfect, not you’re not
You’re not perfect, but you’ve got what you’ve got
You do your very best, you do your very best
You do your very best each day
But you’re not perfect
And you know
I love you that way!

And here’s a link to Laurie’s website (OMG!  She’s coming to DC!  Quick!  I need to borrow somebody’s kid so I can go to the show without looking weird!)

The Last Project of the Season and some Christmas Anxiety

23 Dec

I finished my final project of the season last night… this groovy granny scarf!

I don’t think I would ever have bought this yarn – it’s acrylic with a bit of silver thread woven in, and a little too flashy for my usual tastes… I got it via freecycle and figured I might as well put it to good use (AWESOME… I also got a brand new set of bed raisers via freecycle last night… I less than three freecycle!)!

I’m thinking that if there’s one day of the year I can get away with wearing something like this, Christmas Day would be it.  Maybe I’ll go crazy & pair it with a Santa hat and an embroidered Snowman Sweater…


I could *totally* pull off this look, right?

Speaking of hats, I had a bit of yarn left over, which I attempted to turn into a granny triangle and which ended up looking a lot like a teeny hat for Miss Nina.  I probably should not drink wine while experimenting with granny triangles… I feel very strongly that cats SHOULD NOT EVER wear hats, but for some reason (read: the second :::ahem:::third:::ahem::: glass of pinot) I forgot that last night.


this is the closest Nina would get to her tiny hat. Smart kitty!

Aaaaaanyway.  Husband, Nina and I will be making the long, traffic filled trek to Pittsburgh tonight (it’s usually a 5 hour trip, but with holiday traffic it usually takes much, much, MUCH longer…), so I spent yesterday preparing myself for the holiday festivities by getting a sparkly new manicure & a last-minute head shrinking session (turns out I’m *not* the Grinch.  :::whew!:::).


thumbs up for Christmas Anxiety!

It’s cool that I got the same color nail polish as the 12 year old who sat next to me, right? })i({


It’s a Pittsburgh Day in the Neighborhood

1 Dec
Alanis Morissette in concert

Today is a Pittsburgh Day – the weather is cold, wet, dreary, and all around icky, plus I got about 15 minutes of sleep last night.  If I were still living in Pittsburgh my lack of sleep would be due to a wicked case of insomnia (…lasted 3 years… SO fun, lemme tell ya), and I would probably spend the day drinking coffee, chain smoking, and listening to Leonard Cohen songs while writing utterly depressing (and terrible) poetry.  If it ever stopped raining, I would probably walk down to Gene’s Place and have a few dollar drafts  (GOSH I miss dollar drafts!  The best deal you can find in DC is an 8-dollar-draft…  Not quite the same…).  I may have ventured into the deep basementy depths of my old apartment building (think Tim Burton’s version of Fraggle Rock) to wash and (mostly) dry a load of laundry.  I probably would have ended the day discussing the meaning of existence with my betta fish, Mac the Knife (The Fish), and then crawled back into bed to once again fantasize about getting three consecutive hours of sleep.  Pittsburgh Days suck.

Last night my lack of sleep had to do with 1. the huge wind/rain/lightning storm that is currently fogging up my view of the city, and 2. a tiny kitten friend who decided that 2am was *the perfect time* to play soccer with my reading glasses.  Oh, and I also had to be up at the a**-crack of dawn this morning to let the water delivery guy in (he’s still not here… who’s surprised?).  Luckily for me I was able to doze for a few extra minutes on the love seat, so when I woke up I had a cramp in both my legs and my neck, and accidentally squooshed Nina, who had been napping under my legs, when I yawned and stretched.  Awesome.  No sleep, no delicious water, and a kitten who would tear out my eyelashes if given the chance.

But wait – I’m not done complaining!  Husband left for work, then returned, soaked through, a few minutes later, because – FUN! – a flying tree branch smashed in his windshield during the storm last night, rendering poor Athena (his ’03 Honda Civic, whom he would have married if it were legal) utterly undriveable and causing him to take some unplanned vacation hours, thus ruining Christmas by decreasing both our gift budget (you’re all getting kool-aid packets this year) and our available vacation time (sorry, family… we’re going to have to cut all of our typical 20-minute visits down to a crisp 15 this year.  Hope that’s enough time to open presents)!  PLUS, now instead of spending the afternoon snuggling with my darling kitten I get to hang out at the windshield replacey store.  Double Awesome.

reader1:  Hmm, this post isn’t very warm and fuzzy.  I thought this blog was supposed to be about warm fuzzies.

reader2:  Maybe it’s an ironic post.  Maybe it like, you know, ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife…

reader1: That’s not ironic.

reader2: Yes it is, it’s in the song!  Alanis says so!  <singing> “It’s a black fly in your chardonnay…”

reader1: Again, not ironic.

reader2: “a death row pardon two minutes too late”

reader1:  NOT IRONIC.

reader2: “it’s like meeting the man of your dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife…”



*Ahem.*  It seems I may have forgotten to add the warm fuzzies to this post.  (Also, Reader2- you are no longer allowed to read this blog.  Seriously.  Use a dictionary).



1. Hanging out on the 10th floor during a killer storm makes for a sweet view.  I kind of felt like a little black rain cloud (hovering under the honey tree, don’t you know).

2. 9-week old kittens are afraid of storms, so they need extra snuggles from their mommies.  I *love* snuggles!

3. Husband took the trash out on his first attempt at going to work this morning (awww, isn’t he sweet?).

4. Because I was up early, I actually remembered to give Nina her antibiotic at the appropriate time (poor sweetie has a respiratory infection).

5. Husband and I got to discuss how long it’s been since either of us smoked a cigarette, and how proud we are that we’re doing so well in our attempts not to poison ourselves.

6. Instead of spending the morning alone, I get an extra bonus dose of Husband!  (Even if he has been on the phone with the insurance people all morning).

7. I got to mock Alanis Morissette, one of my all-time favorite activities!


And that, dear readers, is the difference between a Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Day and a DC Pittsburgh Day. })i({

reader2: Wait, wait.  What’s the difference?  What’s a Pittburgh Pittsburgh Day?  Is *that* ironic?