Sad Beads are Sad.

23 Feb

You may be wondering how old is too old to wear hemp.  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s 31. (Actually, it’s much younger than that – seventh grade, I think, but at 31 most people realize if they continue to wear hemp people will stop taking them seriously and start asking them for rolling papers).


I'll miss you, my hippie friends...

For some reason It just seemed weird to wear this:


mmm...delicious Tacori...

and this:

just look at how well worn those are! I loved them...

at the same time.

Yes, I’ve been wearing my wedding rings for years now, but it was only last weekend, when I cleaned out my jewelery box, that I finally worked up the courage to disassemble my three favorite hempy necklaces, which, though I’ve had since high school, I haven’t worn for darn close to ten years (ugh, I’m old).

See that whale tail bead?  It’s actually hand carved out of an Alaskan whale’s tooth.

See that red and gold bead?  My best friend from high school gave it to me.

See those blue glass beads?  I bought those in college while discovering Radiohead and realizing that some boys are better friends than boyfriends.



my Chibi gave me the daisy bead... isn't it sweet?


The search is on to discover something classy, age appropriate, and less…erm… Rastafarian to make with these, my now hemp-less favorite beads.  Any ideas?


2 Responses to “Sad Beads are Sad.”

  1. Ang February 23, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Make some sort of cell phone charm, a new collar for Nina, a schnazzy bookmark or some sort of low noise windchime 🙂


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