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Good Lord! I Have A Blog!

13 Sep

How do you like that?  A BLOG!  I should probably post some things occasionally; I hear that’s how this whole blogging thing works.  AAAAAnd, since I really failed at posting this summer, I’ve got a ton of cool project stuff to show you, so the posts will be prolific for a while! Yay!

Let’s start with this. It lived its first life as a horrible (HORRIBLE) fake oil painting of a little boy that our neighbors unceremoniously dumped in the trash.  Can you guess what it is now?

Well, friends, I’ll tell you.  It’s a triple threat: part wall-hanging, part earring holder, part AWESOME!

And SOMEONE will be getting it for Christmas (although I’m keeping my owl earrings – they’re too awesome to share).  =)

I made a free standing earring holder too:

No tiny pictures to display? No problem!

I’m not sure you can see the earrings in this shot, but they’re my absolute favorite pair – they’re little olive trees – Husband got them for me when we were on Honeymoon in Spain & Gibraltar, and I wear them *almost* every day.

I found a pattern to make these on Ravelry (here’s the link: http://www.stitchdiva.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=FREE011), but I ended up using my own pattern in the end – it’s the same general idea, just a different stitch.

I may make a few more of these – they’re a really cool way to use up frames that don’t match your decor (or frames that have weird shaped picture slots) and they work up really quickly! Upcycled organizational gifts, hoooooooooo!  =)

I can haz do something for myself?

7 Aug

I finally made something for myself!

Fraidy Cat tried to claim it. He failed.


Now I can *finally* check something off of my list of Things To Do in 2011!  Yay!

Cute Little Cushion!


I didn’t follow a pattern – I just did sets of 3 FPDC, then 3 BPDCs until my rectangle was big enough, then slip stitched up the sides & added a few little wooden buttons.


Hooray, doing a little something for myself!


In other news, here’s an update of my Things of Stuffness:

– avoid elevators (erm, I did well with this one until, you know, I re-injured my back on the elliptical a few months ago and had to stop with the physical activity.  *sigh*  Spines that are all twisty in inappropriate places are a bummer).

acquire more responsibility   I’m crossing this one off the list; so far this year I’ve upped my private client intake, picked up a case with THIS AWESOME ABA COMPANY (hi, Saundra!), and started writing blog posts for said company.  

– learn to knit (I’ve still got time, really I do!)

– Make at least 3 projects for myself (Yay!  One down, two to go!)

– Do at least 3 things I’m currently afraid to do.  (My “things I’m afraid to do” turn out to be a bit too personal for the interwebs, so you’ll just have to trust me when I tell you I’ve done two so far, they were both really scary, I cried both times, and I would do them sooner rather than later next time).  I’ve already decided on what my third thing will be, but don’t rush me – I’ve got until the end of the year, and I feel I’m making excellent progress!  =)

– Go on a vacation with just Husband and myself.  (I’ve shelved this one until next year; as it turns out my entire family decided to rent a house at the Outer Banks in June, and I just really couldn’t pass up a chance to spend a week with my sweet little nephews, my Chibi, and the gang. Going to the oceanbeach depleted our vacation fund for the year, but I think it was a great trade-off).


Now then.  How are your anti-resolutions going?

Coffee, anyone?

8 Jul

Too much?  Well, then how about just a bit of espresso?


HERE’S THE FREE PATTERN, brought to you by one Ms. Hannah Kaminsky.  Thanks, Hannah!


Stale Coffee + Melty Crayons

25 Jun

+ those teeny canning jars that jelly comes in and that are too small to reuse for anything useful =

COFFEE CANDLES! HOORAY! (btw- do I say ‘hooray’ too much, do you think?  hmmm…) Anyway.

I ground up my stale coffee, poured some in the bottom of a jar, & used it to stabilize the wick.

It's very scientific. I used about *that* much.

Then, because I am so crafty and full of awesome, I melted down some icky crayon bits I forgot to take out of my trunk during that heat spell we had a bit ago and poured them into the jar. I am so smart!

Some of the coffee grinds floated to the top. Groovy.

It's a green candle! (see what I did there?)

And… VOILA! A coffee scented candle! Hoor…uhm… I mean… Yeah, it was okay.

I had some stale coffee left, so I just put it into another one of the jars and hid it under the shoe rack by our front door.  It’s really nice to smell something other than feet when you get home. =)

How do you use up stale coffee?

The Power is Back!

31 Jan

…and so is Zoltar!  Woo hoo!  My awesomely amazing friend Jeff worked his IT voodoo magic on poor Zoltar, and now he’s back with a vengeance!  W00T!

(The IT magic involved some sort of silvery goo, some *teeny tiny* screwdrivers, and copious amounts of warm chocolate – cuz that’s the way Jeff likes it!)


I love you, Zoltar.

Oh, Zoltar – how I love you!  How I missed you!  How glad I am to be able to blog from a linuxy laptop again!  *ahem*

A bit over the top, you say?  Oh yeah?  Well, how long have you ever gone without your lappy, eh?  Zoltar, my long lost ASUS is back from the dead!

I will not mention that I may have gotten used to using Husband’s dual monitor set up.  I will not mention that I may have gotten used to the uber-excellent screen resolution on Husband’s compy.  I will not mention that Zoltar, though excellent for my 6-months-ago average computer usage, is now fair-to-middling at handling my current computer usage.


And I will definitely, DEFINITELY not mention that poor Zoltar is sitting quietly in the living room while I blog my little blog from Husband’s dual monitor Compy of Awesomeness.  Nope.  Not going to say a word.  My lips are sealed.


I WILL mention the following:

1. If the power suddenly comes back on, don’t blow out all your candles at once.  Seriously.  The fire department has enough to worry about without you setting off the smoke alarm due to sheer stupidity.


candle party!

2. Power Outages are exhausting for kittens.


I can haz nap?

3. When the house is quiet, mourning doves are not afraid to land on your balcony.


Three tiny bits of hope, just for me!

And with that, I’m off to the yarn store to stock up on some warm fuzzies for two projects: a custom winter set order for an Etsy customer and a delicious sweater for yours truly!  Hooray!


28 Oct

When your landlord decides to move into your basement and you therefore decide to downsize from a 4 bedroom townhouse to a 2 bedroom apartment (in exchange for a killer view of the city and fewer…uhm… creepy people living in your basement), and when you have exactly zero free weekends between *right now* and the day of your move, packing and downsizing tend to occur in fits and spurts.  Your hallway has this in it:

There are some actual, old school floppy discs in this box like the ones you used to play Oregon Trail in elementary school). Srsly. My husband saves EVERYTHING.

Your beloved craft room looks like this:

messy craft rooms induce panic attacks, amirite?

And that pile of boxes you were going to donate to Goodwill?  Well, there’s a three month waiting list for Goodwill pick-ups, so your basement will look like this until you decide on an appropriate back-up plan:

(I have no pithy comment about the boxes of junk in my basement.  They hurt my soul.)

So.  There’s your downsizing update.  We move in two weeks.  If you know of any packing god, or moving to an apartment god that I should be praying to, please let me know!   })i({

Mama’s Pillow

19 Sep

Well, the jig is up by now, and if I’ve scheduled this post correctly, I am *at this moment* attending Husband’s grandmother’s surprise 80th birthday party (Happy Birthday, Mama!)!

I decided to make Mama a pillow.  I started with two identical squares:

And turned one into this:

Then, because I get bored very easily, I changed the pattern for the other side of the pillow, and it turned out like this:

It was originally all white except for the flower, but I thought this side needed more color, so I just made a big long chain of purple & white together & wove it through a row of dcs.

The other side looks like this:

And, because I just happened to walk by this basket and thought it matched perfectly, Here’s how Mama’s present looks:

Yes, Mama got the scarf from Friday’s post.  She would have gotten the socks, too, but they’re already slated for someone else.  I didn’t have any ribbon long enough, and then suddenly noticed the (purple, even) scarf sitting right on my crafting table!  Perfect!  I hope she likes it! })i({