Stand Up, You!

16 Aug

In an effort to increase our longevity Husband and I ditched our sitting-down desk for a standing-up computer desk.

Since our old desk was one of those “build your own” jobbies from Ikea, we swapped out the original legs for some adjustable height legs, and… VOILA! A standing-up desk!

Oh look! The Airport!

Husband’s side still has a chair, which I think we may swap out for a bar stool at some point (Husband has scoliosis, so he can’t stand up for super-long periods of time), but Fraidy Cat has taken up residence under my side of the desk.

he also claimed the cushion from Nina's Throne...

Now before you get nervous, you’ll be happy to know that Miss Nina typically sits right on the desk between the two of us – she’s sitting there as I type this, actually – she just happened not to be there when I took the photo.

Anyway,  I’m totally in love with my standing-up desk; I feel great, I get more things done, I’m more focused, and now my default position is standing, so sitting down to take a phone call or read a book is doubly rewarding!

(And yes, I crochet standing up as well – I’ve got a little craft station set up on the bar in my kitchen).

Here’s a really great article about how Sitting Is Death (literally):

And here’s one that explains why switching to a standing-up desk is a great idea:


2 Responses to “Stand Up, You!”

  1. siveambrai August 16, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    Consider getting a leaning stool for hubby. They don’t really let you sit down like a chair or barstool does but but will allow him to take the pressure off his feet for periods of time. I was considering doing this in our new house as well as a normal desk but I need to figure out how to make it work well.

  2. Emerson Goncus August 16, 2011 at 9:49 am #

    I tried a standing desk for a good two months. I was more productive at the start, but became less so as time went on. I think if my setup had more surface area I may have stuck with it longer (I work like a gas–I expand to fill the space available). Sometimes it was a chore to stand the day after doing a long run, too. Maybe when my mileage drops off I’ll give it another go with a proper standing desk.

    Nice view =)

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