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Lucy’s Apple

5 Apr

Neice2 has a birthday this month, and guess what she’s getting!

Om to the Nom!


Her very own apple, crocheted by Yours Truly.  I’m guessing by now that my sisters-in-law will have discovered my pattern – their kids are all getting apples from me this year.  Luckily, I started this little guy in plenty of time to counteract the pregnancy-induced finger swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis, so Miss Lucy will have a delightful Granny Smith to open on her Birthday!  Hooray!


I heard through the grapevine that Lucy’s having an owl themed party this year, so she’s also getting these, some super adorable hand-made bows constructed by a friend of mine:

And a card I made.



Husband assures me that this card, which started out as a pile of paper circles and a bottle of glue actually looks like an owl

…but I can’t tell if he’s just humoring me. What do you think?  Is it owl-ish enough to actually look like an owl?  I’m hoping Lucy won’t care much one way or the other.  If she does, I’m hoping her mommy will quickly change the subject and distract Lucy back to her awesome APPLE (which actually looks like an apple)!

I’ve had to take the apple listings off of my Etsy shop for now – what with my decreased motor skills it would take me way longer than I feel comfortable with to get any orders out, but hopefully things’ll be back up and running in the near future.  In the meanwhile, my patterns are still available, so wander on over to a Happy Little Shop & see what you can see!

AND… Happy Birthday, Lucy!  We love you!

Even MOAR dragonses!

25 Feb

I’m not obsessed yet.  I’m not obsessed yet.  I’m not obsessed yet…


It occurs to me that once the baby gets here Husband’s coffee intake is going to increase exponentially. Moar coffee = Moar of those little cardboard coffee cozy things that are always falling off (and that I *hate*).  Solution?  MOAR DRAGONS!!!


This little guy is made of washable, unbleached cotton (of course), and ended up with just the right amount of stretch.  Groovy.

I wish I had a fancier travel mug model...


Want your own eco-friendly dragon cozy?  Stop by A Happy Little Shop & order one today!


Stand Up, You!

16 Aug

In an effort to increase our longevity Husband and I ditched our sitting-down desk for a standing-up computer desk.

Since our old desk was one of those “build your own” jobbies from Ikea, we swapped out the original legs for some adjustable height legs, and… VOILA! A standing-up desk!

Oh look! The Airport!

Husband’s side still has a chair, which I think we may swap out for a bar stool at some point (Husband has scoliosis, so he can’t stand up for super-long periods of time), but Fraidy Cat has taken up residence under my side of the desk.

he also claimed the cushion from Nina's Throne...

Now before you get nervous, you’ll be happy to know that Miss Nina typically sits right on the desk between the two of us – she’s sitting there as I type this, actually – she just happened not to be there when I took the photo.

Anyway,  I’m totally in love with my standing-up desk; I feel great, I get more things done, I’m more focused, and now my default position is standing, so sitting down to take a phone call or read a book is doubly rewarding!

(And yes, I crochet standing up as well – I’ve got a little craft station set up on the bar in my kitchen).

Here’s a really great article about how Sitting Is Death (literally):  http://www.medicalbillingandcoding.org/sitting-kills/

And here’s one that explains why switching to a standing-up desk is a great idea: http://mashable.com/2011/04/22/standup-desks/

Stop Hurting Yourselves, Family!

26 Apr

Remember how my moM had carpal tunnel surgery not too long ago and earned herself a sweet pair of wrist warmers and a strong dose of pain killers?

Turns out my M-I-L had the very same surgery this month and earned herself her very own set of wrist warmers (side note: I’m pretty sure “earned” is like, a completely inappropriate word in this situation, but I can’t think of one I like better…).

Now then. Family. I love you, and I love making presents for you, but how about you let me make you a present for no reason in particular, eh?

That means no more surgeries, no more flu viruses, no more falling down anything or breaking anything.  HECK – no more runny noses!  You got that family?  STAY HEALTHY.

And, M-I-L, please get on to the healing & feeling better part! We love you!

Free Pattern Friday: Zombie Stress Ball

8 Apr

Alright, so I’ve been a little stressed.  Between Husband’s wallet getting stolen (at YOGA class no less… talk about bad karma!), having house guests for most of the month of March, picking up two new cases at work, and the unexpected passing of my cousin, I’ve had very little time to commit any serious hookery.

In honor of my stressful stress from Stress Town (and because I really, truly haven’t had any time for crafting lately), I offer for your hooking pleasure this little gem, designed by Liz of EpicxCloth.  Enjoy!


Lil’ Zombie Stress Ball


DIFFICULTY: Shamefully easy


Materials= 2 colours of yarn (1 for body, 1 for braaaaains), 2 safety eyes, embroidery thread

Hook = Whatever you like! The smaller the hook & yarn the smaller your Zombie. I used a 3.5mm for this and it makes the little guy palm sized.

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
ST= Stitch
FO = Finish Off
DEC = Decrease



Foundation = Magic ring 6
Round 1= 2 SC in each ST around
Round 2= 1 SC in the next ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Round 3= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Round 4= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Round 5= 1 SC in the next 4 ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Rounds 6 -16= SC around ((Don’t forget to stuff the foot!))
Round 17= 1 SC in the next 4 ST then DEC – do this till end of round
Round 18= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then DEC – do this till end of round
((Add in safety eyes & stuffing here! Also stiches your lil guy a mouth with the embroidery thread.))
Round 19= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then DEC – do this till end of round
Round 20= 1 SC in the next 1 ST then DEC – do this till end of round


Arms (make 2)

Foundation = Magic ring 6
Round 1-7= 2 SC in each ST around
FO and stuff.



There is no pattern for this, but the idea is to make a very jagged, flat swatch of fabric that you can sew to the head of your zombie. Tips: change between chaining one at the end of your round and not.


Sew the arms to the side of the Zombie. Now using the same colour thread you made your brains with, sew the brains to the top of you Zombie’s head – just before you finish off sewing on the brains stuff them with some fiberfill! That way they are extra buldgey :D.


What do we want? Braaaaaainnnnnsssss….
When do we want it? Braaaaaainnnnnsssss….


Thanks for the pattern, Liz!  I ❤ Zombies!  })i({

WIP it…

8 Mar

So, when I started this pattern, which will eventually be a light-weight spring shrug,



pretty, but time consuming.

Granted, they’re back post single crochets, so they’re, uhm, .00002 % more challenging than regular single crochets, but the lesson here, people, is this:

READ THE WHOLE PATTERN BEFORE YOU START THE PROJECT.  If you don’t, your coffee table will look like this forever



And even though you work on it every night, the world will probably end before your shrug makes it to the 38 inch length your pattern calls for.


Just sayin.  *grin*

Resolutions are Lame.

3 Jan
Sky Diving (video game)

I'm terrified of wearing yellow.

…so feast your eyes on this, my list of AWESOMELY AWESOME THINGS I’M GOING TO DO THIS YEAR (which is *nothing* like a list of resolutions, I swear…):



– avoid elevators

– acquire more (yes, I said more) responsibility

– learn to knit

– make at least three homemade projects for myself (because I’m worth it!)

– do at least three things I’m currently afraid to do

– go on a vacation with *just* Husband and myself (and me tagging along to one of Husband’s work conferences doesn’t count…)


Did you make any resolutions?  })i({