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Escape from Hook Mountain

15 Feb

Escape from Hook Mountain!

Yeah, that’s what my sweater looks like so far.  Pretty sweet, eh?

Bernat Boucle (dark blue/black multi)

I’ll probably finish it just in time for spring…

Hand Warmers

8 Jan

Friends, moM is having surgery soon to correct her carpal tunnel syndrome, and since I can’t make it home I’m going to have to send her some virtual warm fuzzies, along with these cool wrist/hand warmers (that I hope are stretchy enough to fit over here casts!

In other news, my camera cable finally came in, and these are my first official camera-to-iPad pictures! I’m super excited to be blogging from Kevin! Hooray! (Kevin also got some spiffy newe accessories for Christmas, which I’ll be showing off soon.

Happy Weekend! })i({