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Sweet Cuppity Cakes!

23 Jun
Georgetown Cupcake (DC) key lime cupcake

I can haz key lime?

I came across this picture and realized I forgot to share it with you.  Remember the weekend we went to Savor?


We also went to Georgetown Cupcake & got these delicious treats:

nom nom nom


My favorite, of course, was the key lime cupcake… it reminded me of my wedding cake!  Hooray, cupcakes!

Happy Weekend Bug!

25 Sep

How can you not have a happy weekend after looking at this adorable little friend?  His name, in case you were wondering, is Frank  (although he sometimes goes by Horatio).  I don’t know why – that’s just what he told me!  })i({

Saving the Environment Saves Me Money!

26 Aug

Sometimes all the stars align and this happens:

Oh yeah, baby!  That’s 58.5 miles per gallon! With my 10 gallon tank, that means I can go 585 miles before I have to stop to get gas.  Just as a reference, from Washington, DC to Pittsburgh, PA is 245 miles (per Google Maps), so I could go the whole way home and the whole way back again without having to stop to fill up.    Princess Wendy Prius is a most excellent traveling companion.

Mostly I get around 50 or 51mpg in the city and 47 or 48mpg on road trips, but for some reason on this particular journey my mileage rocked!  Now, if only I could get someone to dust Wendy’s insides…   })i({