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My Brother-in-Law is Tarzan.

12 Jul

He ran a 10k over the holidays – just for fun – (while the rest of us were lazily drinking coffee and avoiding getting dressed).

moM and I had trimmed the Hostas the day before the marathon (yeah, I know, a 10k isn’t really a marathon, but it sure FEELS like it, especially as I only run when someone is chasing me),

moM said she'd never consider displaying these; I can't think why not! Purple + Green = my favorites!


So while B-i-L Tarzan was running away the morning, moM and Chibi made him this:

Victory Crown!

(I may have mocked them, but secretly I think it was pretty groovy).

They also conjured up a medal:

oh cwap. craftiness runs in the family.

B-i-L Tarzan is training to run a for real marathon this fall – barefoot.  You should totally go check out his blog – aptly named SCHIZORUNNIA – and read about how he almost got arrested for running barefoot on a military base.  He also makes his own shoes.  That is all.