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A Successful Chibication

28 Mar

Well friends, another successful Chibication has come to a close.  I had a lovely visit with Chibi and moM (they came to visit me this time), and as per last year’s Chibication, I thought I’d make a list of the things I learned…

1. My darling Chibi is a talented little thing!  Look what she made for me!



She didn’t want to have to travel with the frame, so we ironed it all out & framed it once she got here.  She says the wings were the hardest – full of sparkly back stitches – so I took an extra shot of that.  Thanks for the faerie, Chibi!  I love her!

2. Taking a break from the interwebs wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  My virtual fish went belly up.  My virtual crops died. My virtual Smurfs had nothing to eat for a week.


Hungry Smurf is... still hungry, actually.

My inbox piled up.  And you know what?  NOTHING BAD HAPPENED. None of my Facebook friends noticed that I didn’t “like” anything they’d said for a week.  No one sent me a scathing “how could you not have written back to me?” e-mail. The Smurfs didn’t make a peep.  Actually, now I think about it, Farmville sent me 10 free farmcash to get me to keep playing.  Hmm… I should take a break from the interwebs more often, I think.

3. I have absolutely no will power.  (Translation: I now own ALL the Sookie Stackhouse novels, which I bought to put on my new Nook, which I bought because moM and Chibi said I should, which I believed because I’m a total wimp when it comes to peer pressure).  I also rearranged my Netflix queue and am now expecting season 1 of TrueBlood to arrive any time.



Yes, I realize this is mindless vampire fantasy romance drivel. Yes, I did read all ten novels in a week. Yes, the HBO series is basically…um… well, it’s HBO. You know what it is. And worst of all, YES, I really enjoyed it.  (Somewhere my literature profs are all cursing me and spitting, I’m pretty sure). At any rate, Nooks are good for the environment. It was a green thing to do; at least that’s what I’m telling myself.


Reading NookBooks = Good for the Environment. ...right?...

4. I can get my Chibi to agree to pretty much anything if I ply her with Indian food first.



Needless to say I didn’t get much hookery accomplished, but I did have a fabulous visit!  Hooray, Chibication!


Hooks on a Plane

6 Oct

Today marks the first full day of Chibication, which means that yesterday was a day full of airports (which I loathe) and airplanes (which I love).  I traveled through three different time zones, drained a pair of (rechargeable) AA batteries, and for some reason Zoltar’s backspace key is a little sticky today, but other than that I am now safe and sound here in Clovis, NM.  Chibication has officially begun!

Anyway, the thought of spending all those hours on a plane with nothing to crochet almost made me weep, so I thoroughly investigated the acceptable carry-on items and collected the following:

A few acrylic hooks (which I despise.  I actually snapped the pink one in half during a layover in Memphis, but I was afraid my steel hooks wouldn’t make it through security) and a plastic needle, which I thought would be better than no needle at all (it wasn’t).

TSA Approved Hookery

A teeny tiny scissors (note I did not say a pair of scissors. It’s one item people.  ONE scissors):

gnome scissors

And a nail file.  The TSA website said that I was allowed to have scissors with a blade less than four inches, but I like to have back-up plans, and a nice lady on the interwebs mentioned that she was able to saw through some yarn with said file when her scissors were confiscated (too bad she didn’t have a pair, eh?).  I took a picture of the nail file, but I didn’t want to be “that girl who posts pictures of nail files” on her blog (though I bet Thoreau would have approved).  You all know what a nail file looks like.

So, instead of looking at my usual suburban hell, I got to look at this:

somewhere between DC and NM

And this:

(I really wanted to try this while standing)

And snack on these:

...definitely following the 5 ingredient rule...

While I made this:

a chibi bag for a chibication!

I discovered during my last Chibication that a prop plane flight from ABQ to Clovis actually doubled my airfare cost, so this time I flew only as far as Lubbock, TX, where my Chibi came and picked me up!  Hooray!  Half as expensive airfare = twice as many Chibications!

I had some time to kill in the Lubbock Airport (oh, such a cute little airport!), so I set up camp in the *only* baggage claim room they had, spent some hard earned quarters on snacks, and made about a gazillion of these:

granny star ornaments.. so cute!

I was, if you can believe it, the *only* person in the room.  In an airport.  I still can’t quite believe it. })i({

a lonely little ball of yarn in a lonely little airport