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Byron’s Welcome to Earth Blanket

13 Apr

Welllll, a thing happened.

Remember that sweater I was working on?  You know, the one made entirely of single crochets that was slowly sucking out my soul?

As it turns out I misread the pattern size, and instead of having a grown-up sized shrug I ended up with an oompa-loompa sized shrug.


He likes candy, not sweaters.


The thought of frogging the entire project made me sort of queasy, so I repurposed my sad little shrug into a happy, happy Welcome to Earth blanket for my newest nephew, Byron!

As it turns out, oompa-loompa sized shrug patterns are also perfectly sized baby blankets, so I just added a quick dark blue border and… VOILA! Not only did I avoid frogging entirely, I also got a head start on Byron’s blanket!  He won’t be around until fall, but when he gets here he’ll have this awesome little blanket to snuggle.

I was going to add an applique of some kind to dress it up a bit, but after I put the border on I decided I liked the clean, simple look I had going.  Baby boys aren’t really in to frou-frou appliques anyway, right?


Texture = Awesome.



WIP it…

8 Mar

So, when I started this pattern, which will eventually be a light-weight spring shrug,



pretty, but time consuming.

Granted, they’re back post single crochets, so they’re, uhm, .00002 % more challenging than regular single crochets, but the lesson here, people, is this:

READ THE WHOLE PATTERN BEFORE YOU START THE PROJECT.  If you don’t, your coffee table will look like this forever



And even though you work on it every night, the world will probably end before your shrug makes it to the 38 inch length your pattern calls for.


Just sayin.  *grin*

Granny What Now?

9 Feb

Did you know that there’s a difference between a Granny Triangle and a Granny Half-Square?

You did? Smarty Pants.  =)

For the rest of you, check this out:


Granny Half Square

Granny Half Squares are flat on the bottom and involve adding an extra dc into the first and last “granny group” of each row.  For a refresher course, check out my ridiculously awesome tutorial!


Granny Triangles, on the other hand, are worked without turning the piece, and have three distinct roundy edges (and yes, that’s the scientific term):


Granny Triangle

For an awesome Granny Triangle tutorial, check out Carina’s craft blog – she’s got pictures and everything!

Nina is extremely smart, as you may know, and was able to correctly identify the Granny Triangle on her first attempt!


Smartest. Kitten. Ever.


In case you were hoping for a kitten-less shot (though I can’t imagine why), here you go:

AND… in case you were hoping for a bit more humor in today’s post, I just want you all to know that WordPress recommended I tag Cloris Leachman, the United States, and Constellation Maps in this post.  Then, when I typed those three things, it updated my recommended tags to include Go Daddy and a related article about a Grannie attacking thug bikers (which I’ve included below).  WordPress ROCKS.