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I Can Haz Teddy Bear?

19 Sep

So the Chibi called me up and asked me to make a little something for her friend’s boss’s neighbor’s new baby (or something).  As I was all bunnied out, I convinced her that she should let me make teddy bear stuffs for the new baby.  I’m pretty sure Chibi was at the grocery when she called, because she was totally distracted and instantly agreed with my idea!  I didn’t even have to bribe her with Indian food!  Yay!

Here’s how her teddy bear accouterments ended up:

Disgustingly Cute, no?


I used this free pattern from Lion Brand’s website, but added teddy bear ears instead of bunny ears.

As for the hat, I for some reason inevitably fail at knowing how many increases to do to get my hats to be the correct size, so I tried a new technique this time.

This *neeeeeeeds* to be on a baby's head!


Instead of starting at the top of the hat and increasing out of a magic circle, I started with a chain at the bottom of the hat and was therefore able to make it *exactly* the circumference I wanted! Yay! It *seemed* like the hat worked up more quickly, but I’m pretty sure that’s just because I get bored repeating the same row over and over again and I got to do it at the beginning and get it over with!

I'm addicted to the serious, slightly confused look this guy has!


Anyway, VOILA! Another finished order! =)



Dice Pouches for Everyone!

10 Sep

SHOUT OUT to my parents, who are celebrating their 34th Wedding Anniversary today!  Congratulations, Mom & daD! Here’s to 34 more years!

I intended to tell you all about my fabulous date night last night, which was supposed to involve me making my husband very happy by going to a gaming store to buy dice, followed by a delicious Indian dinner out.  Well, date night turned into a wasted trip to the hobby shop (they had only ugly, stupid dice there and I ended up ordering from Amazon while we waited for our dinner), followed by a bland Indian dinner that gave me quite a belly ache on the way home.   I’m still A Happy One, though, because in anticipation of my upcoming dice purchase, I made these:

Two cute little dice pouches – one for my husband and one for me! Adorable, no?

I used a cobble stitch to give it that bumpy, textured look.  I’m so excited about the way they turned out that I’m thinking of making a tiny army of them.  So cute!  Anyway, the pattern is written for a G hook & a very thin yarn, which will give you a bag the size of the white one above (about 3 inches in diameter & 4 inches tall).  I tried to indicate where the changes would be if you’re using a bigger hook & a bulkier yarn, which will obviously give you a slightly bigger finished product (I used a J hook for the gray bag).  Please let me know if you find any errors!

Dice Pouch

1: 6 sc in a magic ring

2: sc inc around (12)

3: *1 sc + inc*

4: *2 sc + inc*

5: *3 sc  + inc*

6: *4 sc + inc*

7: *5 sc + inc* (for bigger hooks/bulkier yarns, stop increasing here)

8: *6 sc + inc*

9: *sc, trc*

10: sc around

11: repeat rows 9 & 10 five times (only repeat 3 times if you’re using bulky yarn)

12: *sc, trc*

13: *6sc + dec* (*5sc + dec* for bulky yarn)

14: *sc, trc*

15: *5sc + dec* (*4sc + dec* bulky)

16: *sc, trc*

17: *4sc + dec* (*3sc + dec* bulky)

18: dbl around

19: sc around three times (sc around only once for bulky yarn) & FO.

20: ch 50 & FO.  Weave the 50ch through the row of double crochet to form a drawstring.

Done!  Easy, quick, and adorable!  I dare you to make just one, and I’d love to see your FOs! })i({