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The Meaning of Now

11 Nov
Pink toilet paper

Imagine this, times sixty billion. Oh, and *not* pink. Pink TP is weird (as is saying "TP," come to think of it)...

I’m not a procrastinator.  Actually, I’m usually the kind of person who packs up the entire house a month before the move just to make sure I’ll be done in time.  I hate being late.  No, that’s not strong enough language.  I LOATHE being late.  I despise it.  It makes me nauseous and turns my stomach into a hard little ball of cement.  I also never lose things.  Really.  I can count on one hand the number of things I’ve ever lost.  I’m a total control freak, up tight, overly dramatic, neurotic (HAPPY) one.

That is, I WAS all of those things, until I met Husband.  Husband has what I like to call a… fluid relationship with time.  “Right Now” to me means right this absolute second, but to Husband it means, oh, you know, between now and five thirty or so.  Husband had three years worth of unopened mail when I moved in with him.  He had boxes he never unpacked from the LAST time he moved.  He had six bottles of Cajun spice because he kept forgetting he already bought one.

You know how they say that the longer a couple stays together the more like each other they get?  Well.  I now own three pairs of glasses (one pair was lost under the couch for an entire year).  I am currently, instead of packing up the house for our move on Saturday, blogging and surfing the interwebs to find cool table set up ideas for my craft show.  I am thinking about taking a bath and reading a few chapters.  I was actually four minutes late to work Monday morning, and guess what? No one even noticed.  I may or may not have purchased toilet paper every time I went to the store for three weeks in a row (toilet-paper-pocalypse?  I like pocalyps-ing things).  I have a free pattern laying on the desk that I really ought to start crocheting so it’ll be done in time for tomorrow’s post.  I think I’ll start it right… now…  })i({