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You Win a Pi(e)!

13 Dec

Well, actually it’s a scarf, but… you could name it Pie, I guess…

Congratulations to Lisa, the proud new owner of a handmade scarf from yours truly!  (Lisa – check your e-mail for details!)

The correct guess is… PI!  Hooray!


whipped cream optional.

I made this snazzy little ornament for my *other* brother in law!  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t read my blog, but if he does he BETTER act surprised when he opens this!  =)


Thanks for all your guesses, friends!  Happy Hondadays!

Thank You.

25 Nov

Husband and I had a landlord once who ended every conversation by saying, “Okay, thank you, I appreciate you!  Bye-bye!”  We loved that little phrase so much we adopted it as our own, and now next to “I love you,” “I appreciate you” is the phrase you’ll hear most often at our house.  We aren’t the type of people who pray before each meal, but we do take a moment to look each other in the eyes and say thank you.

Thank you for choosing to be married to me.  Thank you for getting the mail.  Thank you for picking up my prescription.  Thank you for talking me off the ledge.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for taking out the trash.  Thank you for going to work today.  Thank you for digging the Jacket Garden.  Thank you for setting up our budget.  Thank you for bringing me a glass of water.  Thank you for snuggling me when I have nightmares.  Thank you for letting me win at Dr. Mario sometimes.  Thank you for accepting me for who I am.  Thank you for fixing my computer.  Thank you for making the bed.  Thank you for fighting with me. Thank you for making dinner.  Thank you for taking my car to the shop.  Thank you for driving me crazy.  Thank you for making that doctor’s appointment.  Thank you for staying up all night discussing philosophy with me.  Thank you for finding my phone charger.  Thank you for playing the piano for me.  Thank you for teaching me about God and life and how important it is to be thankful.  Thank you for getting me a napkin.  Thank you for making me laugh.  Thank you for holding my hand.  Thank you for helping me up when I got stuck under the bed looking for the kitten.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you.  I appreciate you.  })i({

Free Pattern Friday: Pumpkin Cutie!

29 Oct

Good News, friends!  This week’s free pattern was a total win!  It’s a pattern by June over at PlanetJune, and you can find it right here.

I used an I hook (5.5mm) and two strands of ww yarn.  I didn’t like either of the oranges I had stashed (a bright tangerine and a pale peach), so I combined them & ended up with this:


if this isnt a warm fuzzy, what is?

I also double stranded the stem with a pale green & a flesh colored ribbon yarn (I couldn’t find my brown due to the pack-pocalypse that’s happening here right now, but I’m thinking it looks better this way anyhow!).  Here’s a pic with one of my ubiquitous Sharpies for some size perspective:


awww! tiny and cute!

Anyway, this is NOT an amigurumi pattern, so be prepared to do some sewing at the end.  June’s also got a few of her tiny pumpkin friends all dressed up for Halloween, so go check them out!

Thanks for saving Free Pattern Friday, June!  })i({