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Pink Hat is Pink!

2 Feb

It was no less than 70 degrees and sunny here in Washington, DC yesterday, but it must be winter somewhere, because I just completed a custom Etsy order for this little hat:



It’s an ear flap beanie made of a light pink, machine washable wool, and topped with a confetti bumble (size 12-24 mos)!   I have to say – I’m utterly in love with this pink yarn – it *seriously* looks delicious enough to nom (and that’s not just the pregnant girl craving food, either).

I realized too late that most of the pictures I took were from the same, vaguely alienesque angle, so please forgive the lack of… err… perspective.


Under the chin tie detail


Is it winter where you are?  Stop by A Happy Little Shop today & order a hat of your very own!

Awww, Crap.

10 Feb

So, I got this really awesome hand-spun hand-dyed yarn for Christmas, which I accidentally left hooked to a lamp while I was trying to turn it into a yarny ball of goodness.

Pro Tip: Leaving half-balled yarn out + having a kitten = Flying Spaghetti Monster of Death.


I am now rounding out week two of trying to unravel this disaster (I even got a friend to help when she came to visit… haHA!).  It’s a good thing I have the cutest kitten in all the land, eh?


I can haz hide in sock drawer?

So, there’s that. *grin*

Custom Order, Parts 2 & 3!

18 Dec

Here’s the complete set…a matching toddler hat, mittens, and scarf set made of a wool-acrylic blended (machine washable!) yarn in mocha with pink & aurora accents.  Interested?  Stop by my Etsy shop & place a custom order today!  Remember…  Use the coupon code HAPPYCHRISTMAS for 10% off every order from now through the end of December!  })i({