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Sweet Mother of… erm… Babies.

22 Jul

My friend is going to have a baby soon, and since babies tend to like, you know, toys and clothing, I made the following:

the cutest hat in all the land


the cutest bunny lovie in all the land


the cutest baby shoes in all the land


Uhm, so, yes, as usual, I found all of these patterns for FREE. You can find them here:


BUNNY LOVIE (you’ll need a LionBrand login for this one)


And as usual, I shunned wrapping paper (SHUN!) and transformed a regular old paper bag into a lovely little gift-giving device with a hole punch and a bit of ribbon:


Congratulations, Brandee & Richard!!!

Well, *someone* had to try on the hat!


More Granny Stars? Well… Okay then!

27 Oct

I may or may not be obsessed with Granny Stars.  I may or may not be turning them into everything I can think of, including…

…deliciously fuzzy baby washcloth sets…

sooo warm and fuzzy!


super cute granny stars!

…and, because a lady in Texas told me they were “adorable”,  some ultra tiny Christmas Ornaments…

tiny and cute!

Most of these items are available at my Etsy shop, but I’m saving a few ideas for my upcoming craft show in Alexandria, VA on December 4th!  Hooray!  Granny Stars ROCK, yo.  *grin*  })i({