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Basement Update + Old Love Letters

7 Sep

Friends!  Step One is going well, so I thought I’d give you an update.  As of this morning, my basement looks like this:

But the bonus room is completely empty!  Huzzah!  Well, almost completely empty.  As it turns out, this:

is still there.  I’m cool with it, though, because it’s not a huge stack of stuff waiting for me to sort through it… it’s a huge stack of empty boxes and packing paper left over from our last move, which we’ll be putting to good use again in a few months.  It’s staying right where it is for now.  And the best part so far is… this:

No, not the basket of laundry waiting to be washed there in the corner, but a big, huge stack of stuff to donate and/or freecycle!  Just look at all that stuff!  There are two computer monitors, a television, a printer, several books, some old crochet patterns, a potty chair from the 1960s (don’t ask me where we got that!), and various other items.  I am SO excited!

I am even excited about finding a container stuffed with old love letters from my husband’s ex-girlfriends!  Too funny!  I remember writing letters the exact same way…  one line in pink, the next in purple, and six pages filled up with how much I love (insert name here) and how I really want to know where our relationship is going, because in my opinion it’s only a matter of time before we get married and have, like, ten thousand babies.  Oh, and a page and a half about how difficult it is to be a young adult and how there’s no possible way my parents could ever understand what it is I’m going through…  If I had a nickel for every girl who ever wrote a letter like that I’d have more money than Oprah.  Hah!

Anyway, the easy part is over.  Next up on the Great Purge of 2010: going through the boxes of random electronics, computer wiring and old software.  If it was up to me I’d chuck it all (considering it’s been in our house for over three years and no one’s touched it), but I have a feeling my computer genius husband might have a thing or two to say about that…  })i({