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88 is a LOT.

3 Jul

Here, my friends, are 88 granny squares all yarned together.

That’s right! My super secrety project was an awesome granny quilt for my friends Dennis and Holly (the ones with the chickens, don’t you know), who are either about to get married or just got married (depending on when you read this post).

Isn’t it happy?

perspective: cell phone + kitten

And because we all know I think wrapping paper is one of the most wasteful things ever:

Congratulations, Dennis and Holly!  I hope you enjoy your 88 awesome granny squares for at least the next 88 years!

Free Pattern Friday: Zombie Stress Ball

8 Apr

Alright, so I’ve been a little stressed.  Between Husband’s wallet getting stolen (at YOGA class no less… talk about bad karma!), having house guests for most of the month of March, picking up two new cases at work, and the unexpected passing of my cousin, I’ve had very little time to commit any serious hookery.

In honor of my stressful stress from Stress Town (and because I really, truly haven’t had any time for crafting lately), I offer for your hooking pleasure this little gem, designed by Liz of EpicxCloth.  Enjoy!


Lil’ Zombie Stress Ball


DIFFICULTY: Shamefully easy


Materials= 2 colours of yarn (1 for body, 1 for braaaaains), 2 safety eyes, embroidery thread

Hook = Whatever you like! The smaller the hook & yarn the smaller your Zombie. I used a 3.5mm for this and it makes the little guy palm sized.

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
ST= Stitch
FO = Finish Off
DEC = Decrease



Foundation = Magic ring 6
Round 1= 2 SC in each ST around
Round 2= 1 SC in the next ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Round 3= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Round 4= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Round 5= 1 SC in the next 4 ST then SC twice in next ST – do this till end of round
Rounds 6 -16= SC around ((Don’t forget to stuff the foot!))
Round 17= 1 SC in the next 4 ST then DEC – do this till end of round
Round 18= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then DEC – do this till end of round
((Add in safety eyes & stuffing here! Also stiches your lil guy a mouth with the embroidery thread.))
Round 19= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then DEC – do this till end of round
Round 20= 1 SC in the next 1 ST then DEC – do this till end of round


Arms (make 2)

Foundation = Magic ring 6
Round 1-7= 2 SC in each ST around
FO and stuff.



There is no pattern for this, but the idea is to make a very jagged, flat swatch of fabric that you can sew to the head of your zombie. Tips: change between chaining one at the end of your round and not.


Sew the arms to the side of the Zombie. Now using the same colour thread you made your brains with, sew the brains to the top of you Zombie’s head – just before you finish off sewing on the brains stuff them with some fiberfill! That way they are extra buldgey :D.


What do we want? Braaaaaainnnnnsssss….
When do we want it? Braaaaaainnnnnsssss….


Thanks for the pattern, Liz!  I ❤ Zombies!  })i({

Free Pattern Friday: Linius Prime

21 Jan

For your hooking pleasure, a tiny ami (is that redundant?) known as Linius Prime (inspired by Peanuts character Linus):

You’ll need:

– A “G” hook

– yarn in the following colors: skin, black, red, brown, blue


1:USING SKIN COLOR:  sc 6 in a magic circle

2: increase to (3sc, sc-inc around) (30st)

3: sc around x2 (30 st each)

4: (3sc, sc-dec) around

5: (4sc, sc-dec) around

6: (sc, sc-dec) around

7: sc-dec around

8: stuff head

9: sc around (6 st)

10: SWITCH TO RED & sc-inc around (12)

11: sc around

12: (sc, sc-inc) around (18)

13: sc around & sc-inc on last stitch (19)

14: sc around x2

15: SWITCH TO BLACK & sc around

16: sc-dec around until gap is almost closed, stuff, pull tight & FO.

With one strand of black yarn, embroider stripes on Linius Prime’s Shirt

he kinda looks like Marty McFly in this pic, doesn't he?

LEGS (make at least two):

1: WITH BROWN: 6sc in a magic circle

2: sc around

3: SWITCH TO SKIN COLOR & sc around 3x, FO leaving long tail for sewing.


ARMS: (make at least two, more if you’re feeling particularly frisky):

1: WITH SKIN COLOR: 6sc in a magic circle

2: sc around x2

3: SWITCH TO RED & sc around x3, FO leaving long tail for sewing.



1: WITH LIGHT BLUE: make a swatch: 10sc across x 12 rows, FO.



– WITH ONE STRAND OF BLACK: embroider Linius Prime’s hair, face, and the stripes on his sleeves.

– WITH LIGHT BLUE: sew the blankie to one side of Linius Prime’s body (as shown).

-WITH THE APPROPRIATE COLOR: sew one arm posed to hold the blankie close to Linius’s face and the other arm so it looks like he’s sucking his thumb.  Sew on both legs.

-Compare the two pictures:


Regular Linus

Linius Prime

Happy Friday, everyone!  })i({

Free Pattern Friday: Granny Bag

14 Jan

There may or may not have been a post going around Facebook last week wherein people pledged to make hand made items for the first five people to comment on their post.  I may or may not have reposted this, thereby signing myself up for five surprise projects.  I may or may not be listening to NKOTB and wearing a side ponytail right now.  *Ahem.* Anyway.

I’ve had this in my Ravelry queue since, oh, I don’t know, October, and thought now would be the perfect time to give it a whirl:

...hangin' tough...

Isn’t it cute? To make one with a flap like this you’ll need to make:

-4 granny squares

-1 granny half-square

-a strap the length of your choice (I did a chain & then dc’d around both sides)

– a button or some velcro

It goes together quickly –  you can look at the pictures to see how to fold yours, then just start sewing!  I added a button closure to mine, and because Husband was very concerned that whoever gets this bag would need to carry tiny things, an inside pocket:

for to carry your teeny tiny things

The inside pocket is just a rectangular swatch of dc’s sewn in… easy peasy!

I suppose this is less of a pattern and more of a general idea, eh?  If you’re interested in more details, stop by these websites or send me a message!

Vallieskids Granny Bag Blog Post

Granny Square Tutorial

I posted a Granny Half-Square Tutorial here, so you can pop back over to that if you need a refresher!

Happy Hooking!  })i({

Free Pattern Friday: Cuppy Cakes!

24 Dec

Cuppy Cake Ornaments!

I found this free pattern on Ravelry… head on over to check it out!


You’ll need to know the following special stitches (click the links to watch instructional videos on YouTube):

Back Post Double Crochet

Front Post Double Crochet

Cupcake Ami

Use hook size H and brown (chocolate) yarn, ch4.

1: join with a sl st to the first chain, ch3 to count as 1st dc

2:dc 14 times in ring, slst to top of first dc to join, ch3

3: BPDC around each post of each dc (14), sl st to top of first bpdc to join, ch3.

4: FPDC around each post of each bpdc (14), sl st to top of first fpdc to join, FO.


Hook size H

1: work 6 sc in a magic circle

2: sc inc around (12)

3: sc inc around until your circle is about two inches across, FO leaving a long tail for sewing.



Sew icing to top of “cake.”  Stuff when you’re about 3/4 of the way done stitching.  Add a hanger to the top in the color of the frosting, and… voila!  A cutie pie little cuppy cake ornament (the perfect gift for my cupcake obsessed friend Janet!)


The Crying Blanket

21 Aug

My husband’s grandmother made him the most excellent quilt in all the land.  It’s snuggly, thick, and absolutely loaded with warm fuzzies.  If you get sad at my house, chances are you’ll soon be wrapped in this awesome blanket.  It’s hard to cry for long when you’re curled up in it! Here’s a pic:

Fantastic, right?  That is, until you look closely:

Some of the squares are so old that they’re literally falling apart!  Someone repaired a few of the squares several years ago by simply sewing them back together, but the fabric is now so fragile that when I tried to stitch it, it just ripped apart.  Sad!  Since the Crying Blanket literally exudes warm fuzzies, trashing it is just SO not an option.  Taking the squares off and redoing the entire front would be folly, as we all know about my primitive sewing skills.  Plus, not all the squares needed to be replaced.  So, here’s what I did:

I carefully cut out the squares that were too fragile to be repaired (cringing the whole time, mind you) and replaced them with a bit of an old pair of shorts and an old pair of pajamas. The first set of repairs was in no way subtle, and I couldn’t come up with a way to sew the new squares in without it looking totally obvious, so ultimately I decided to Rock Out with my Obvious Self, and did this:

Totally obvious.  For now it looks a little odd because I only ended up replacing four squares, and now those four have black edging around them and none of the other squares do.  I’m counting on the fact that this blanket is going to be around for many, many years, which means that it’s going to need many, many repairs.  It’s going to be cool to watch the Crying Blanket evolve, I think.  The Crying Blanket (and all warm, fuzzy home-made quilts) is the ultimate upcycling project: I get to replace pieces of our grandparents’ upcycled clothes with pieces of our own upcycled clothes!  I’m channeling Simba from The Lion King now… heh…  It’s the circle of life, upcycle style!  })i({