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Eye Candy

25 Jan

…Which I’m not going to define any more specifically until I’ve got proof their new owners have received them…

...blue scarf + pink scarf = yummmm...

Oh, and what’s this?  A black scarf?

Hmm… I wonder who is going to be snuggling into these scarves… Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

For TONS more crochet eye candy, check out THIS WEBSITE.  It’s full of awesome. Seriously.    })i({

Weekend WIPs

23 Jan

Remember those WIPs I was telling you about?  Remember that sick Husband I was telling you about?  Well, Sick Husband is really good at sharing, so now there’s a Sick Me, which means that the following WIPs have been largely ignored this weekend in favor of thick, snuggly bathrobes and hot tea:


some day these will be fantabulous stripey mitts for my darling Chibi...


this really ought to be a broomstick lace scarf... right now it's more of a broomstick lace post-it note...


And with that, I’m going back to bed.

Custom Order, Parts 2 & 3!

18 Dec

Here’s the complete set…a matching toddler hat, mittens, and scarf set made of a wool-acrylic blended (machine washable!) yarn in mocha with pink & aurora accents.  Interested?  Stop by my Etsy shop & place a custom order today!  Remember…  Use the coupon code HAPPYCHRISTMAS for 10% off every order from now through the end of December!  })i({