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Infinity Scarf

6 Feb

Here’s hoping it’ll actually get cold this winter, because I *finally* made something for myself…


Yup, it’s an infinity scarf in my favorite color and


stitch (the Crazy Stitch, obviously).


Think I’ll get to wear it before the baby makes his debut in April?

it'll surely be winter again some day!


Bachelors of Awesome

3 Mar

So, my friend Richard just graduated college with a 4.0 grade point average.  That’s straight A’s, people.

That means he got an A in EVERY CLASS, which basically means he’s good at everything.


Add to that the fact that Richard has a wife, a rambunctious puppy, an even more rambunctious toddler, and a high stress full time job, and you’ll no doubt agree with me that Richard’s degree is probably a Bachelors of Awesome.

In honor of Richard’s new found collegiate status, Husband asked me to make him a scarf in his school colors (pssh… as though anyone needs to *ask* me to crochet something…).


Rah, Rah! School Spirit! (and a Nina paw, apparently).

Congratulations, Richard!  We’re so proud of you!

Now, I’m pretty sure this means I’ve made a scarf for everyone in Richard’s family (except the pup, of course). Hooray for providing outerwear to a family of smarty pantses!

Carried Away? NEVER.

22 Feb

Someone donated a ball of yarn to me and I fell in love with it.  I didn’t know how many yards I had, so I figured a scarf was a safe bet.



I hate scarves that are too short.  HATE.  They hurt my soul.  So, to make sure this delicious yarny goodness would wrap my soul in warm fuzzies, I made a scarf that was 6 stitches wide (turned out to be about an inch and a half).  I used the biggest hook the yarn would allow, and did back post double crochets (just to be sure there would be no soul hurting).


Turns out I had more yarn than I thought I did.


Scarfy scarf was a *bit* too big for Nina, too...

So, you might now be asking if there’s such a thing as a scarf that’s too long, to which I say…  NEVER!


just wrap it around your neck sixty times and you'll be fine!

…In other news, someone switched the positions of my lip gloss and the crazy glue, leading to what could have been the flustercluck of the century (I think it was me, actually).  Good thing I know the difference between grape and ethyl cyanoacrylate…