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A Repurposeful Christmas

9 Dec

Things that hurt my heart:

1. Jim Carrey

2. Things other than bubble gum that are “bubble gum” flavored

3. Spending a ton of money on DECORATIONS and WRAPPING…the two *least* important parts of Christmas!  (Because the *most* important parts are presents and cookies.  Obviously).



Do you really need to spend $$ on a little snowman figurine? (They’re charging upwards of $40 for this type of thing at Michael’s this year…)  Why not make your own (like my mom did) with old cloth, broken bits of wreath, mismatched buttons, and a small dose of awesome?

see that hat? it used to be my sock.

Do you really need to spend $30 (or $40 or $50) on a set of matching Christmas tree ornaments?  Why not use those old punch mugs your grandmother gave you?  When’s the last time you served punch, anyway?

$10 for a hand-made keychain charm?  Nope.  FREE.  Made with keys rescued from dead laptops and love (Thanks, Amy!)

$3 for a gift bag you’re probably going to use once and then throw away?  Psssh.  You know all those tins that Husband’s scotch comes in?  Stick a bow on top.  Instant wrapping.  (Oh, and this works especially well if you’re using it for a child’s gift…teeheehee…)

imaginary person:  YOU GOT MY DAUGHTER SINGLE MALT?!?!?  SHE’S TWO!

me: well at least it wasn’t blended…

yeah, we already drank the alcohol, but there's a tie in there for you.

alright, so you should probably cover up the alcohol part if you're using this for a child's gift (unless you have a *very* understanding family...)













Don’t drink scotch?  (I’d ask why not, but I already know.  It’s because scotch tastes like  band-aids…)  Well, what about the bags your rice comes in?  You don’t just throw those away, do you?



And there you have it… stop spending your Christmas budget on decorations and wrapping, and for goodness sake, stop buying bubble gum scented soap.  It’s creepy!  Seriously.  Stop it.  Seriously.  stop it.  seriously…