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OK, so it’s not a free pattern…

6 May

…but it IS a double rainbow!

What does it MEAN?!?

This rainbow developed before our very eyes as Husband and I enjoyed the freaky dark-sky-above-us-but-sunny-right-in-front-of-us spring evening we experienced earlier this week.

At first there was only one little rainbow, but moments later her BFF came out to play (can you guess what her BFF’s name was?)

Me & My friend ROY.

And then, a few moments after that, my rainbow friends looked (though it’s hard to tell in the picture) all 3-D-ish, like at any moment Rainbow Brite or a Care Bear would come sliding down the rainbow to kill me with kindness!

Care Bear Stare!

(That black bit on top is the overhang from our balcony).

So.  Please enjoy these awesome rainbow pictures in lieu of a pattern.  Please also enjoy these topical, yet mostly unrelated links:

Have an excellent weekend, and I’ll see you all on Monday!  =)