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Honey, We Need to Talk…

30 Oct

I’ve been distant.  I’ve been quiet.  You’re starting to wonder what’s going on with me, but when you ask I say, “Everything’s fine, don’t worry about it.”  You’re worried.  You wonder what happened to the several-posts-a-week me, and you’re starting to think you’ll never get the “old me” back again.  You’re starting to think I’ve been hiding something from you.


… I HAVE been hiding something from you – something that’s been making me sick.  Something that’s been making me spend most of my days in bed or zonked out on the couch.  Something that’s been making me crave cashew nuts and ginger ale for breakfast…


It’s a baby!

Not this baby. This is an internet baby.



After two miscarriages, two years, several expensive (and totally embarrassing) appointments with an awesome fertility specialist, some drugs, some herbal supplements, and some serious thought about adoption, Husband and I are happy to be welcoming our first child on or around April 26th of next year.  ❤

So, I’ve been spending most of my time lately, well, gestating. Today the little tidbit in my belly is the size of a navel orange (about 4.5 inches), and come the beginning of December Husband and I will find out which team we’ll be on (Edward or Jacob…errr… I mean… pink or blue…).  We’re thrilled (and terrified, and totally overwhelmed, and, you know, I’ve been weeping a lot)!

In the meanwhile, things over at my Happy Little Shop have been kicking into high gear – I’ve been working on orders pretty constantly for the last few months, which means I haven’t been making many *new* things, but rather filling orders for Snoopy, Nicholas the Bunny, and Charlie Brown, among others.  I’m in the middle of remodeling over there – check out my newly designed banner & avatars when you stop by – and I’m closing down for the last month of the year to reorganize things & get my 2012 product line up and running.

And, because of some fortuitously timed changes at work-work, I’ll be cutting back to half-time at the end of November, which will, theoretically, give me more time to commit my hookery (and gestate)!  Hooray!

So.  No, I don’t want to break up with you – I LOVE you!  But I am going to need a bit more space (unless you really want to hover over me while I revisit breakfast).  =)


Also not my baby, but So. Freakin'. Cute.








TTC: The Bright Side

10 Aug

The people who say that starting a family is easy and fun have clearly never dealt with the enigma that is my reproductive system.  After trying to conceive for what feels like darn near a decade now (but is actually closer to just a year), it’s hard not to get discouraged.  I’ve been in a bit of an I’m-never-going-to-have-a-baby funk lately, so I’ve decided to look at the bright side of trying to conceive.  Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. The Obviously Fun Part.

2. For once, my mother is 100% supportive of my sex life.

3. I am really, REALLY good at peeing on a stick/in a cup/on demand.  This is an important skill that not many people have.  I could give lessons.  I’m THAT good.

4. I get to talk about sex with people who ordinarily would feel uncomfortable with that topic of conversation.  (random acquaintance: “Oh, you’re trying to start a family?  How often are you having sex?  Do you do every day or every other day?”  Me: “Uhh… what’s your name again?”)

5. I’m on a first name basis with everyone at my local drug store.  (After about the sixth pregnancy test they stop judging you and actually ask how you’re doing).

6. I know things about my body that other people only dream about knowing about their own bodies (for example, I now find myself thinking things like, “Gosh my fingers are swollen today.  I must have eaten too much protein yesterday”).

7.  I’ve learned all kinds of cool lingo from frequenting fertility and parenting blogs.  For example, I totally understand the following:  “DH and I have recently gone from NTNP to TTC, and we’re OTM!”

8. People I have never actually met (my dear blogger friends) send me “baby dust” on a regular basis.  Groovy!  I’ll take positive energy anywhere I can get it, yo.

9. “I’m ovulating” is now an acceptable excuse to avoid undesirable social and/or family functions.

10. The longer we have to wait for a darling little snuggle bug, the more we’ll appreciate him-or-her when we finally meet him-or-her. })i({