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Prolific Prolifery

1 Feb

Things I made by candle light while snuggled under 57 blankets during our three day power outage (some of which are now available on my Etsy shop, dontcha know!):

A funky, lacy set of fingerless gloves for one of my Pay It Forward friends:

I kind of wanted to add glittery skulls...

This super cute plarn tote bag, complete with vintage button:

Hi ho, cheery-o!

And this wooly, awesome bag just waiting to be stuffed full of whatever it is we women absolutely *NEED* to carry around with us when we leave the house:

what the heck do we need all that stuff for, anyway?

Yesterday I found a grocery store that was closing, so everything was half off:

store closing = I will buy ALL THE THINGS for 1/2 off, thank you!

Which was good, because I also stopped to buy some yarn, which was *not* half off:

decidedly NOT half off. Good thing I saved on that yeast!

I got enough for three projects:  one custom Etsy order, which you’ll be seeing shots of later in the week, and two mystery projects, which I’ll save for later.  Here’s what the rest of the week looks like in HAPPYlandia:

Wednesday: Custom Order Shots

Thursday: Cupcakes!

Friday: Free Pattern Friday: fingerless gloves of fun

…and that’s what happens when you can’t shower, do laundry, wash dishes, or really do any meaningful chores for three days!…

Free Pattern Friday: Plarn Scrubbie

24 Sep

Unless you, say, mentioned to your mom that you were going to do a post about plarn and she then gave you her entire plastic bag stash, you probably don’t have a zillion grocery bags laying around (because you already recycled them, obviously).  Possibly you just don’t want to commit to making eighty thousand yards of plastic yarn, which I totally get, since there are little strips of plastic covering my entire craft room floor right now.  Either way, here’s a quick little pattern for a dish scrubbie that you can easily make using only one grocery bag’s worth of plarn (I used those super thin produce bags for mine… I think 2 or 3 total).

Plarn Scrubbie

1: ch 6, sl st to form a loop

2: 14 dc into loop

3: dc-inc around (28)

4: *sc, trc*  (to give it a bit of texture)

5: *dc, dc-inc*

6: sc around & FO.

Mine ended up being about 4 inches across, but your size will vary depending on how thick your plarn is & what size hook you use.  Enjoy!  })i({

Plarn Tutorial

22 Sep

Yes, Plarn.  As in “plastic yarn”.  As in “upcycled plastic grocery bags”.  As in “Good for the world Better than ending up in a landfill Cheaper than buying those reusable grocery bags that fall apart in 15 minutes anyway”.   Dig deep into your heart of hearts.  You know you want to make some!  Here’s how:

1. Lay out the grocery bag like this:

(Yes, mine’s from Staples.  It’s difficult to find second hand compressed air.  Plus, going to Staples is the best Date Night ever.  Just sayin’).

2. Fold the bag in half long ways, then in half again:

3. Cut off the head and the butt.

Don’t throw those pieces away!  How green would you be if you did all this work to upcycle your plastic bags if you just tossed the scraps into a landfill?  RECYCLE those bad boys!  There’s no rule that says you can only recycle an in-tact bag.  Save one of your bags to keep the scraps in.  Really.  Do it for me.  Do it for your grandchildren.  Do it for that cute little girl in the grape juice commercials.

4. Slice up the rest of the bag into 1/2 inch thick strips.

5. Unfold two loops and lay them out with one overlapping the other a bit, like this:

6. Flashback to elementary school & pretend you’re hooking your super trendy jelly bracelets together. (Pull the bottom loop over the top one & then back through itself).

7. Keep doing that over and over until you run out of loops.  One plastic bag makes a ball of plarn about this big:

This was enough to do 5 rows of 20 single crochets with a G hook.

Super cool and groovy, right?  You’re going to make some today, right?

Oh, and just so you know.  Once you get the hang of this, feel free to layer those bags and save yourself some time.  I’m able to do stacks of 6 bags quite easily.  Also, pay attention to the thickness of the plastic.  As a general rule, the thinner the plastic, the thicker you’ll want to cut your strips.  Once you crochet them (or macrame, or knit, or whatever you’re going to do) they’ll even out, so don’t worry if some of your strips are 1/2 inch thick and others are closer to an inch or more.  Enjoy!  })i({