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27 Jun

I spent some time in Pennsylvania recently.

I was there to say good-bye to my Uncle Johnny, who lost his struggle with MS.  I guess you could say I was in a rather melancholy mood during my visit, and I spent an afternoon wandering around my parents’ house taking picture of things.  There’s no real theme to these pictures other than my melancholia, but… here they are.

my brother's old baby blanket, which his 4 month old son now uses


moM's blue ball in the back yard


my great grandmother's button jar


one sad, lonely little flower petal


Nina's uncle Fraidy Cat, who will be retiring to our place in DC at the end of the summer




A lightswitch cover my moM painted a zillion years ago


daD's Navy memorabilia

And the piece-de-resistance (…or however you spell that)…

an egg. in a pepper. on the grill.


The egg thing was more about nom-ancholia than melancholia, I think.  =)


I Hurt.

7 Feb

My heart hurts because my team lost the Superbowl (We’ll get ’em next year, boys!).

My fingers hurt because I spent too many days attached to my hook last week (which means I’ve got to take it easy on the creating things this week).


too much of a good thing


My brain hurts because Christina Aguilera doesn’t know the words to the national anthem.


"Boom, boom, something about rockets, right?"



My sensibilities hurt because, honestly, WHAT THE HECK was with that half-time show? No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are idiots…


If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be an alien-friendly halftime show! (Srsly, guys. Glow in the dark body suits? Really?)


My belly hurts because I ate too much delicious, delicious chili yesterday.

AAND my hometown pride hurts because apparently when your team loses the Superbowl (even though you’ve already won SIX), the appropriate thing to do is set your couch on fire. Classy, Pittsburgh.  I wish I was there to knock some sense into you.


Yinzers are really, REALLY good sports.

So, to recover from all of this hurting, I’m going to spend the day napping and grooming while Nina does the laundry, cleans the house, fills the prescriptions, does the mending, and preps for work this week.


This is what doing chores looks like.