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Free Pattern Friday: Frogger

17 Dec

Castonerika invented this awesome pattern for a frog ami, which I just had to try!

(and which, as usual, *someone* will be getting for Christmas!!!) I added the little scarf because he looked cold.  He’s much warmer now, and is wrapped in – yup – you guessed it – a repurposed scotch jar!

You can get this free pattern at Ravelry.com, or head on over to Castonerika’s website to download the pdf file directly.   Happy Hooking!  })i({

Free Pattern Friday: Vintage Ring

12 Nov

Vintage Crochet Ring

This was super easy & quick to make, and would be perfect for days when your fingers are too swollen for your regular rings (or, let’s say, days when you’re going to do a craft show & want to show off your mad skillz…)

You’ll need:  a small amount of crochet thread and a 3.25mm hook.

Foundation:  ch5, sl st to form a ring

1: Ch3, dc in ring, ch 3, [2dc, ch3] x7; join with sl st in top of beginning ch.  You should have 8 clusters and 8 ch-3 spaces.

2: Ch3, sl st in top of next dc, ch 4 (sl st, ch3, sl st) in next cluster; ch9 (first half of ring band made); (sl st, ch3, sl st) in next Cluster, [ch4, (sl st, ch 3, sl st) in next Cl] x3; ch4, sl st in 5th ch of first half of ring band, ch 4 (ring band completed); [(sl st, ch 3, sl st) in next Cl, ch 4] x2; join with sl st in first sl st.  FO. 


You can find this pattern on Ravelry, too!  Happy Hooking! })i({


Free Pattern Friday: Pumpkin Cutie!

29 Oct

Good News, friends!  This week’s free pattern was a total win!  It’s a pattern by June over at PlanetJune, and you can find it right here.

I used an I hook (5.5mm) and two strands of ww yarn.  I didn’t like either of the oranges I had stashed (a bright tangerine and a pale peach), so I combined them & ended up with this:


if this isnt a warm fuzzy, what is?

I also double stranded the stem with a pale green & a flesh colored ribbon yarn (I couldn’t find my brown due to the pack-pocalypse that’s happening here right now, but I’m thinking it looks better this way anyhow!).  Here’s a pic with one of my ubiquitous Sharpies for some size perspective:


awww! tiny and cute!

Anyway, this is NOT an amigurumi pattern, so be prepared to do some sewing at the end.  June’s also got a few of her tiny pumpkin friends all dressed up for Halloween, so go check them out!

Thanks for saving Free Pattern Friday, June!  })i({