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Cranky Birds

23 Oct

Hi hi everyone!  Wanna see my latest Etsy order?

It had a little bit of this:

And some of these guys:

And these guys, too:

I have to tell you – these guys are pretty darn adorable!  I actually *hated* the patterns I used for the yellow guy and the white guy – I purchased them as a Ravelry download and they turned out much larger than the pattern led me to believe (there were some misleading pictures and no actual gauge in the pattern… boo), so, since it took me twice as long as expected to finish them, my poor Etsy customer had to wait a few extra days to get her cute little…errr…. I mean her cranky, very upset, full of animosity birds.  Luckily for her she had “pattern tester” status, so she got a really good deal!

Don't Steal Our Eggs!

She’s going to give them to her son for his themed birthday party, which is apparently going to involve a slingshot and a crap ton of first graders.  FUN!

Want one or two of your own?  Visit my Happy Little Shop today! 

FPF: Marker Holder

13 May

Friends.  I have reservations about this pattern.  I’m nervous about sharing it with you.  I’m seriously, SERIOUSLY afraid that someone will turn me in to What Not To Crochet and I’ll be forever branded as, “that girl who crochets weird and stupid things.”


I recently side-loaded about ninety books onto my beloved Nookery Nook.  Since I don’t want to immediately archive these books once I’ve read them, I needed a good way to keep track.  I came up with the awesome and utterly original idea of…drumroll please…  MAKING A LIST!

Who Is This?

Yeah, I don’t know.  I searched Google for “list” and this girl came up in the image results.  Apparently this is what a list looks like.  Lists are pretty!

Ahem.  Anyway.

So I needed to find a way to carry the book list and a marker with my Nook.

The List (and a pretty pink marker)

So, uhm.  Don’t judge, okay?  I like to make lists, and I like to hilight things.

Here’s the pattern:

Stitches: half double, half double-increase, triple

ch 2

1: with a G hook, 6 hdc in 1st ch

2: hdc-inc around (12)

3: (hdc, hdc-inc) around (18)

4: tr around in every other stitch (9)

5: hdc, ch3 in each space (9)

6: tr around (9)

7: hdc around (9)

8: (hdc, ch3) around

9: tr around

10: hdc around

11: (hdc, ch3) around

12: hdc around

13: ch20, join to first ch with sl st, FO.

Okay.  So.  Pretty please don’t turn me in to the crochet police.  If you don’t have a Nook, then you could… umm… hang a marker on your key chain, or… hang it from a magnet on the fridge right by your grocery list…  Or… Yeah, I don’t know.  But just in case you’ve always wanted to know how to crochet a little pouch to keep a marker in, now you do.  *sigh*

…maybe if i say “VOILA” ?…     meh.  I need some coffee.

Half a Square, Squared. Sort of.

13 Jan

A helpful tutorial for your hooking pleasure, which, if you were to want to make tomorrow’s Free Pattern Friday, you might want to pay attention to…dun da da DUUUUUUUN:

The Half Granny Square

1. Start by chaining 6 & joining with a sl st to make a ring.


try not to let your kitten eat your crochet hook.

2. ch3, 3dc, ch3, 4dc (YES, I said 4!)


aww, isn't it cute?

3. ch3, 3dc in the space between the first 2 st of the previous row, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) in next sp, 4(YES, 4!)dc in the space between the last 2 st of the previous row.

4. forget to take a picture of step three.

5. do the whole thing over again — 4 dc in the spaces between the first & last stitches, 3dc in all the other spaces, & treat the top as your corner (3dc, ch3, 3dc).


it's the trifecta of triforce triatha-chets (except for that pesky 4dc shell on each end)...

6.  repeat the pattern over and over and over and over and over and…


three is a magic number (except when it's 4).

7…over and over and over and… well, you get the idea.  If you make this big enough it will turn into a pretty sweet looking shawl.  Mine is almost big enough for the Travelocity gnome (oh yeah, he wears shawls!  Airplanes get cold!)  Just sayin’.