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Something I’ve Been Working On

20 Aug

So, my circles project is coming along nicely, and hopefully by next week I”ll have something assembled enough to share with you.  Sometimes I get tired of my big projects, though, and I usually have two or three smaller things going at the same time.  I started a mini-project this week with some fabulous Freecycle yarn (isn’t it colorful and happy?  Doesn’t it just make you warm and fuzzy all over? Add to that fact that it retails at $5.99 a skein and someone Freecycled 13 skeins. Yup.  that’s nearly $80 worth of yarn… for free!  NOW you’re warm and fuzzy, aren’t you?).  Anyway, so far it looks like this:

Is it a bowl?  Is it the beginnings of a purse?  Is it a yarn holder?  Is it a bag caddy?  Is it, as my grandma suggested, a hat requiring a huge crocheted rose on the top?  What do you think?  })i({