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My Husband is an Open Source Genius!

31 Oct
Me being a Stereotypical Nerd.

I promise you, this is actually my Husband. Really. Would I try to trick you?

Guess what Husband did!  While you fools…er…nice, respectable citizens of Earth were all out trick-or-treating , Husband wrote a super cool and awesome Open Source program!

He says it’s an Eventing Library, and though I have no idea what that means (despite the fact that Husband has explained it to me at least a half dozen times), apparently nerdy nerds the world around are totally into it, because he got 60 downloads the first day!  How cool is that!

(For those of you who don’t know, Open Source is computer coding that people write for fun that you can download for free.  You can read more about Open Source Software here).

Anyway, even if you have no idea what it is, please download my fabulous Husband’s brain child.  It will make him (and me) happy.  Yay, Husband!  })i({