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Terabithia, DC Style

5 Aug

When I feel as though the asphalt and sameness of suburbia is going to kill me if i spend even one more second there,  I go to the wetlands nature preserve that’s right by my house.  Not only does it remind me that I am a part of nature & that nature is a part of me, but it also holds special significance to me, as that’s where my husband proposed almost two years ago.  This morning I took my mother and godmother to the preserve – my own special Terabithia – and we saw the most excellent things:

…the road less taken…

…some Tarzan vines…

…and a teeny tiny turtle friend!

We also saw a gazillion (yes, that’s the exact amount) butterflies, dragon flies and cattails, along with several cranes and some delicious swampy goodness.  When I go to the nature preserve I can almost feel comfort and peace seeping back into my soul.  Now, if only I could find a time when the airplanes from Reagan National weren’t flying overhead…   })i({