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Free Pattern Friday: PEEPS!

22 Apr

Did you know that there’s an entire store at the National Harbor devoted to nothing but Peeps?  Well, okay.  I think they have some Hot Tamales or something too, but really. Why go for anything else when there are Peeps to be had?!?!

where my peeps at?

Here’s a quick little pattern, courtesy of CopperScaleDragon! (You can also find this pattern as a FREE DOWNLOAD at Ravelry.com)



1: skip first ch, sc in next 8 ch, ch1, turn

2: sc inc, 8 sc, sc inc (10). ch 1, turn

3 & 4: repeat row 2

5-9: sc across, ch1, turn (14)

10: sc-dec, 10sc, sc-dec, ch1, turn (12)

11 & 12: repeat row 10 (8)

13 & 14: repeat row 2 (12)

15: sc across, ch1, turn (12)

16: repeat row 2 (14)

17: repeat row 10 (12)

18: sc across, ch1, turn (12)

19-21: repeat row 10 (6)


22: 3 sc, ch1, turn

23: 2 sc, sc inc, ch1, turn (4)

24: sc across, ch1, turn (4)

25: 3 sc, sc inc, ch1, turn (5)

26 & 27: sc across, ch1, turn (5)

28: sc dec, sc, sc dec, ch1, turn (3)

29: 2 sc dec (2), FO.


Attach yarn to the other side of the head and repeat rows 22-29.


Uhm, cheat (ie: use a permanent marker).

Peeps, glorious Peeps!

Now then, friends, say your “Voila” and get out there to enjoy this beautiful spring day!  Hooray!


National Harbor Christmas Tree

22 Dec

Well, my preparations for the holidays are winding down… I’ve got one more project to finish, and believe it or not, it’s for me!  I have no pictures of it quite yet, but what I *do* have is this awesome picture of me standing under the Christmas Tree at the National Harbor.


look how tiny I am! Hooray!


Husband’s work party was there this year, and man was it fun!  There was delicious foods, dancing, and even a stand-up comedian (who was no Daniel Tosh, but still gets a thumbs up in my book…  I wonder what his name was…).


The best part of the evening was finding a secret stash of key lime cheese cake on the dessert table right at the end of the night (which is, if you don’t know, what Husband and I’s wedding cake was!  Hooray)!  (The frat boy in the picture wasn’t with us, by the way.  He just gave us dirty looks).


now the tree looks tiny!

Anyway.  Merry, Merry, everybody.  I cannot WAIT for boring old January.  Luckily I’ve got a purring kitten and an uber-awesome Husband to keep me sane between now and then!  })i({