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My Brother-in-Law is Tarzan.

12 Jul

He ran a 10k over the holidays – just for fun – (while the rest of us were lazily drinking coffee and avoiding getting dressed).

moM and I had trimmed the Hostas the day before the marathon (yeah, I know, a 10k isn’t really a marathon, but it sure FEELS like it, especially as I only run when someone is chasing me),

moM said she'd never consider displaying these; I can't think why not! Purple + Green = my favorites!


So while B-i-L Tarzan was running away the morning, moM and Chibi made him this:

Victory Crown!

(I may have mocked them, but secretly I think it was pretty groovy).

They also conjured up a medal:

oh cwap. craftiness runs in the family.

B-i-L Tarzan is training to run a for real marathon this fall – barefoot.  You should totally go check out his blog – aptly named SCHIZORUNNIA – and read about how he almost got arrested for running barefoot on a military base.  He also makes his own shoes.  That is all.


Poor, poor Zoltar

12 Oct


Please pray for Zoltar… he’s got cancer of the everything.  He’s already two years old (which is like 80 in computer years), and it’s not looking good.  Yesterday he made a very loud, very sad computery noise and then shut himself down.  Sad, sad.  Laptops are not supposed to sound like airplanes, amirite? I knew Zoltar was sick, but now I’m wondering if he’ll even make it back from Chibication.  So, so sad.  I love you, Zoltar, and your Linuxy goodness, too.


I love you, Zoltar.


I am quite lucky to have a software-y Husband and a hardware-y Husband’s brother, but even with their powers combined it’s difficult to save a computer that is so poorly designed.  Who puts the intake for the cooling fan on the bottom of the computer, then covers it up with magnetic tape to redirect the airflow directly over the hard drive?  Really, Asus?  Really?  That’s like building a Superman whose nose and mouth just happen to be located on the soles of his feet, which just happen to be covered in kryptonite.

Anyway.  Please, if you pray, pray for Zoltar.  He’s a sick, sick superhero.  })i({