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How do you like Them apples?

4 Feb

Remember how I made breakfast for Nephew1’s birthday last year? Well…

I suppose I’ve developed a rather strong addiction to making delicious, yarny food, so Nephew2, who is turning the big *1* this month, is getting this awesomeness:

Om nom nom nom!


Yeah, that’s right.  It’s an apple.  But wait – there’s more!

ZOMG you can PEEL it!

All you have to do is peel back the sides of the apple & VOILA!  Inside are six super awesome apple bean bag wedges!


I love love LOVED this pattern so much I’m adding it as not one, but two of the brandy new items for sale over at A Happy Little Shop! Stop over today & check out the new listings!


Nephew2 is probably going to either ignore the apple or stick it in his mouth (as 1 year olds are prone to do), but some day… some day he will appreciate the yarny awesomeness that is the peel-able apple!


Cranky Birds

23 Oct

Hi hi everyone!  Wanna see my latest Etsy order?

It had a little bit of this:

And some of these guys:

And these guys, too:

I have to tell you – these guys are pretty darn adorable!  I actually *hated* the patterns I used for the yellow guy and the white guy – I purchased them as a Ravelry download and they turned out much larger than the pattern led me to believe (there were some misleading pictures and no actual gauge in the pattern… boo), so, since it took me twice as long as expected to finish them, my poor Etsy customer had to wait a few extra days to get her cute little…errr…. I mean her cranky, very upset, full of animosity birds.  Luckily for her she had “pattern tester” status, so she got a really good deal!

Don't Steal Our Eggs!

She’s going to give them to her son for his themed birthday party, which is apparently going to involve a slingshot and a crap ton of first graders.  FUN!

Want one or two of your own?  Visit my Happy Little Shop today!