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What I’m Reading: September

15 Sep

You may remember the ungodly stack of books I’d stashed in the “To Read” pile.  Well, I’m happy to report that I finished *three* books since my last post!    Hooray!

Now then.  I would prefer that you not send me e-mails telling me that reading three books is no big feat, especially when they were three children’s books, okay?  How’s a girl to read things so quickly when they have teeny sized fonts and hundreds and hundreds of pages?  Hmm?  It would be unimpressive to post about finishing 462 pages of War and Peace, now wouldn’t it?  (Actually, that might be impressive.  I’m going to have to ponder that one for a bit…)

At the very least, though, my stack of books is getting smaller!  Hoooraaaayyy!

Here are the books I finished:

the first two books in the Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper, which were very clearly intended for a preteen audience.  The whole way through I kept thinking things like Gosh those kids figured that out quickly, and Geez, that wasn’t a very difficult quest, was it now? Other than that, I’m totally digging the slightly antiquated language (if you can call a book written in the 70s antiquated), and Gummerry is quite possibly the coolest man alive.

If you’re interested in a very black-and-white good-vs-evil kind of a series, you’ll probably enjoy these books.  I prefer a bit of gray, myself, but that’s what I get for reading outside of my …erm… time zone…

The books in the sequence are:

Over Sea, Under Stone

The Dark is Rising


Silver on the Tree

The Grey King

Apparently someone made the second book into a movie some time in the 80s, but my sister said it was stupid, and she’s generally right about things like that.  (Thanks, Chibi!)

Anyway, the other book I finished was Alice in Wonderland, but I read it on my iphone Kindle, so unless you want me to take a picture of my phone… hmm… actually, hang on a minute…

Uhh, okay, well.  This, coupled with the fact that just now I have Zoltar doing the following: running Linux (Ubuntu), running Windows in a Virtual Box (seamless), and running Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer all at the same time, pretty much means my nerdery is now official.  *ahem*  Computers are good!  Have them!

The book stack now looks like this:

The push is on to get that stack good and read, because… it’s official!  We’re moving (for real and true this time) to a deluxe apartment in the sky (AKA a 10th floor 2BR 2BA much closer to Husband’s work) in November, and I’m pretty sure this lovely stack will be lost in the move for some time afterward. })i({

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