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The Best Room on the Block

20 Apr

We used to have a guest room.  Now we have a Best Room (half baby room/half guest room) – all hand made and dragon themed, of course!  Here are some shots of the awesomeness:

two handmade pillows, a dragon, and a teeny tiny velociraptor!

My all-time favorite poem - someone made this for my mom when SHE started having babies! She knew I loved it & surprised me with it... isn't she awesome?

One of my aunts made this when I was a baby - it's been hanging in my bedroom since I was born, and now it's hanging in my baby's room.


A dragon-y mobile my sister-in-law created, and an awesome dragon tapestry hanging over the crib.

The handmade wall (that's Husband's artwork on the left, and a few little dragon appliques I framed on the far right).


and, of course, more granny squares! I made this green blanket when we first started trying for a baby... after almost 3 years it's finally going to see some use! (Oh yeah, and one more pillow case)


It was surprisingly difficult to decide on decor for a baby’s room-slash-guest room, but I think we found a happy balance (I only cried two or three times!). There’s a baby sleeping device and a dresser along the back wall (beside the rocker), and some short bookshelves under the handmade wall.

See the top of the bookshelf there? It used to be the headboard for an old, old waterbed. We painted it black & voila! Instant toddler-sized toy storage!


We also used some things that Husband & I had saved from our own childhoods – Bugs Bunny, for example, was mine way back in the day, and the Pac Man lunchbox & Glow Worm were Husband’s.  In the end, the room turned into a nice mixture – some hand made things, some new things, some vintage things, and some repurposed things.  Considering the small amount of space, the fact that we couldn’t do any major renovations since we’re renters, and the dual-use this room’s going to see, I’m pleased with how it turned out.  And, honestly, baby boy isn’t going to remember living here anyway, so I’m pretty sure we could have just slapped some sheets in a laundry basket & he’d be happy.  =)


Yeah, Toast!

18 Jul




I didn’t like any of the free patterns I found for toast, so I made up my own.

nom nom nom


I used an “H” hook and some cotton yarn in cream and dark brown.

TOAST (make 2):

ch13, turn

1: 12 hdc, ch2, turn

2: 12 dc, ch1, turn

*repeat rows 1+2 two more times*

3: with “crust” color: sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, 2hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc, FO.


With “crust” color, sc the two pieces together, working 3sc into each corner and repeating row 3 along the top edge.  Stuff lightly if desired.


Now then.




Oh yeah, and you should probably watch this:


A Custom Order

12 May

Ch-ch-ch-check out these adorable infant headbands I recently made up for a custom Etsy order:

The cuteness! It hurts my eyes!

They’re made with a merino wool/acrylic blended yarn, which is both ultra soft (yay!) AND machine washable (double yay!)

The definition of cute.

Since the yarn is just the *perfect* amount of stretchy, newborn miss adora-baby girl won’t have to worry about those pesky elastic lines scrunching her perfect little forehead!

Too cute - A little too cute!

I’m CERTAIN you yourself know of an adora-baby girl who absolutely NEEDS a set of these, don’t you?  Shoot me an e-mail or convo me on Etsy and I’ll totally make some for you!


In the meanwhile, please expect my posts to be a tad bit more… scarce than you’re used to.  I’ve got a major project in the works that I’d typically give myself, say, three months to complete.  Due to my epic procrastination, however, I have only a little over a month to get it finished.  *sigh*  Someone really ought to keep a closer eye on me.  Chins up, though, friends – I recently discovered Tiger Balm (thanks, Suzanne!), and with that little miracle plus my ritual epsom salt soaks, I should really be able to finish up this project with all 10 fingers still attached!

Oh, and one more thing…  HERE COMES A CUTE BOMB!


Happy Happy Warm Fuzzies to all!

WIP it…

8 Mar

So, when I started this pattern, which will eventually be a light-weight spring shrug,



pretty, but time consuming.

Granted, they’re back post single crochets, so they’re, uhm, .00002 % more challenging than regular single crochets, but the lesson here, people, is this:

READ THE WHOLE PATTERN BEFORE YOU START THE PROJECT.  If you don’t, your coffee table will look like this forever



And even though you work on it every night, the world will probably end before your shrug makes it to the 38 inch length your pattern calls for.


Just sayin.  *grin*

Carried Away? NEVER.

22 Feb

Someone donated a ball of yarn to me and I fell in love with it.  I didn’t know how many yards I had, so I figured a scarf was a safe bet.



I hate scarves that are too short.  HATE.  They hurt my soul.  So, to make sure this delicious yarny goodness would wrap my soul in warm fuzzies, I made a scarf that was 6 stitches wide (turned out to be about an inch and a half).  I used the biggest hook the yarn would allow, and did back post double crochets (just to be sure there would be no soul hurting).


Turns out I had more yarn than I thought I did.


Scarfy scarf was a *bit* too big for Nina, too...

So, you might now be asking if there’s such a thing as a scarf that’s too long, to which I say…  NEVER!


just wrap it around your neck sixty times and you'll be fine!

…In other news, someone switched the positions of my lip gloss and the crazy glue, leading to what could have been the flustercluck of the century (I think it was me, actually).  Good thing I know the difference between grape and ethyl cyanoacrylate…

Custom Order: Women’s Winter Set

3 Feb

Woo Hoo!  I finished it!  This adorable gift set is currently making its way to one Lunatrix29, who believes it may just be the cure for her “arctic ice paws.”


fingerless gloves = the only cure for arctic ice paw, a very serious condition

The set is made of a luxury merino wool blend in charcoal and pale green, and contains a pair of  Fabulous Fingerless Gloves, a 64″ That’s What She Said Scarf, and an ultra warm Hatty Hat.

Methinks this would be an excellent gift, let’s say in… reds, whites and pinks for Valentine’s Day… *hint, hint*


hatty hat of hatness

You can get one item for $18 USD, two items for $30 USD,


scarf & fingerless gloves

Or a gift set with all three items for $50 USD (gift sets qualify for free shipping, too!  Hooray!).


Look how I nestled the gloves and scarf inside the hat! Aren't I clever?




SO.  Head on over to my Awesomely Awesome Etsy shop of Awesomeness and order a set (or two, or seventeen) today!


That's What She Said Scarf, in charcoal and pale green merino blend



For all you Fiber Artists out there, I’ll be posting the *FREE* pattern for my fingerless gloves tomorrow for Free Pattern Friday!  See you then!

Free Pattern Friday: Make-up Bag

1 Oct

You know you want to make this adorable little make-up bag!

Here’s how:

Crochet Make-up Bag

Stitches:  chain, single, half double, double, triple.

hook:  g-hook

1:  with color 1: ch 31, turn.

2-11: hdc across, ch1, turn (30 st + ch)

***From now on DO NOT TURN, but rather work “in the round” around the rectangle***

12-13: dbl around

14: *sc, trc*

15-16: dbl around

17: *sc, trc*

18-19: dbl around

20: change to color 2, dbl around

21-22: change back to color 1, dbl around

23: *sc, trc*

24-25: dbl around

26: *sc, trc*

27-28: dbl around

29: change to color 2, dbl around, FO.

30: ch 40 in color 2.  Weave through the front middle of the bag and tie in a square knot.


I used fabric glue to attach a little felt lining to just the bottom of the bag, and then sewed three little buttons across the top of the back inside wall.  If you’re brave, you could add a zipper.  I’m not brave, so I went for the buttons.  Just make sure your buttons are small enough to fit through your last row of dbls.

I used two different textures of yarn.  The white was a baby yarn, and quite thin, and the black was a super awesome thick ribbon yarn.  I wish I could tell you what their weights were, but I can’t.  One was freecycled, and the other I got  on clearance because it didn’t have a label.  See how I am?  What I CAN tell you is that I made this pattern a few more times, once with some plarn, which was so nice and stiff I decided it should be a basket instead of a bag:

plarn basket

And once with some worsted weight yarn and an I-hook, to which I made the following pattern changes:

Skip Rows 7-11

Skip Rows 26-28

Attach Ch40 to side (as a handle) instead of weaving.

Anyway, I guess that means that technically you get three patterns this Friday!  Good for you!  Have a Warm and Fuzzy Weekend!  })i({