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Introducing Miss Nina Simone!

24 Nov
La chanteuse américaine Nina Simone en concert...

The legendary Nina Simone


Allow me to introduce the warmest, fuzziest warm fuzzy in all of existence, Miss Nina Simone, named for the best jazz singer ever to walk the earth.

The Cutest Kitten in all the Land

Husband and I rescued Nina from a last chance shelter over the weekend, and so far she’s done all manner of kittenly things, like falling off couches & running head first into walls.  I had to promise Husband that I wouldn’t become “that weirdo who only blogs about her cat,” but I think, since Nina is tiny and cute and new (the shelter estimated her age at about 8 wks), a *small* kitten-pocalypse is in order, don’t you?

upside down Nina is upside down



Husband called Nina "Nina Burrito." She didn't like it.

she did, on the other hand, want to nom my fingers


Plus, she’s REALLY into attacking all the cardboard boxes we have yet to take to the recycling bin.  Upcycled moving boxes = killer cat toys!  })i({