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Two Excellent Discoveries

13 Sep

Friends, I had an eventful weekend.  I successfully hosted my first ever Girls Only D&D Night (it involved dice, champagne, and several stories our husbands wish they knew, and was a Wild Success) and made two excellent discoveries!

The first is this: if you cut up a piece of aluminum foil it will sharpen your scissors.  Don’t ask me why I was cutting up aluminum foil, I just was, okay?  BACK OFF.  *ahem*

The second is this:  the WAFFLE STITCH.  Oh, it is delicious.  It is yummy.  It will, if turned into a scarf or sweater, insulate your warm fuzzies and keep them from leaking out into the ever chillier autumn air.  It looks like this:

And, when turned into a dice bag (which I’m totally addicted to making and have, at the request of my fellow D&Ders, decided to put up for sale in my Etsy shop), looks like this:

Deeeeeeelicious!  Here’s how you make it:

1:Start with an even numbered row of sc.  At the end of your row, ch3 & turn.

2: dc in next st. *ch2, sk 2 sts, dc in next 2 sts* ch3 & turn.

3: dc in next st. *tr in first skipped stitch, working IN FRONT OF ch2 sp.  Tr in next skipped stitch working BEHIND ch2 sp, dc in next 2 dcs* ch3 & turn.

4: Repeat rows 2&3 until you get tired, or bored, or you have to go to the bathroom.

5: End with a row of sc, if you’d like.  If not, no skin off my nose.  Do what you want.  Just don’t cut up tiny bits of foil in a vain attempt to create some sort of ill-conceived latticework art project.  I mean, I guess you can, but it’ll end badly.  Your scissors will be sharpened, though, so you can pretend that’s what you were doing all along.  Lucky you.  })i({

Crochet Drawstring Bag Pattern

27 Aug

Some of you have expressed interest in the pattern for this cute little bag:

So, here you go!  Let me know if anything needs to be fixed… I forgot to write down the bit about the handle & had to frog it!

For this pattern I used 2 balls of 88yds (50g) acrylic Dynasty Yarn (a very thin ribbon yarn) and a 6.0mm hook.


sc (single crochet), sc inc (single crochet increase), sc dec (single crochet decrease)

hdc (half double crochet)

trc (triple crochet)

mc (magic circle)

sl st (slip stitch)

Save yourself some energy (and tons of counting) by using a stitch marker!  You can buy fancy ones, but I just use a paper clip.  Hook your stitch marker on the last stitch of your row… even if you lose count you’ll still know where the “end” of the circle is!

Rnd 1: sc 6 in a mc

Rnd 2: sc inc around

Rnd 3: *sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 4: *2sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 5: *3 sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 6: *4 sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 7: *5 sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 8: *6 sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 9: *7sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 10: *8 sc, sc inc* around

Rnd 11-20 (12 rounds): dbl around

Rnd 21: *8sc, sc dec* around

Rnd 22: hdc around

Rnd 23: *7sc, sc dec* around

Rnd 24: hdc around

Rnd 25: *6sc, sc dec* around

Rnd 26-27: dbl around

Rnd 28: trc around

Rnd 29: hdc around; 5 trc in last st, chain 3, TURN. (this is the beginning of the handle)

Rnd 30-41: 4 trc, chain 3, TURN.

Rnd 42: attach handle to top of bag using sl st, FO.

Drawstring: Ch 100 (give or take, it depends on how loose you ch & how long you want the string to be) & FO; weave ch. through the row of trc.

DONE!  Easy-peasy pattern, and so cute!  The finished bag is about 7 inches wide by 7 inches deep (not counting the handle), but this will change depending on what kind of yarn you use & how tight your stitches are.   })i({