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Free Pattern Friday: PEEPS!

22 Apr

Did you know that there’s an entire store at the National Harbor devoted to nothing but Peeps?  Well, okay.  I think they have some Hot Tamales or something too, but really. Why go for anything else when there are Peeps to be had?!?!

where my peeps at?

Here’s a quick little pattern, courtesy of CopperScaleDragon! (You can also find this pattern as a FREE DOWNLOAD at Ravelry.com)



1: skip first ch, sc in next 8 ch, ch1, turn

2: sc inc, 8 sc, sc inc (10). ch 1, turn

3 & 4: repeat row 2

5-9: sc across, ch1, turn (14)

10: sc-dec, 10sc, sc-dec, ch1, turn (12)

11 & 12: repeat row 10 (8)

13 & 14: repeat row 2 (12)

15: sc across, ch1, turn (12)

16: repeat row 2 (14)

17: repeat row 10 (12)

18: sc across, ch1, turn (12)

19-21: repeat row 10 (6)


22: 3 sc, ch1, turn

23: 2 sc, sc inc, ch1, turn (4)

24: sc across, ch1, turn (4)

25: 3 sc, sc inc, ch1, turn (5)

26 & 27: sc across, ch1, turn (5)

28: sc dec, sc, sc dec, ch1, turn (3)

29: 2 sc dec (2), FO.


Attach yarn to the other side of the head and repeat rows 22-29.


Uhm, cheat (ie: use a permanent marker).

Peeps, glorious Peeps!

Now then, friends, say your “Voila” and get out there to enjoy this beautiful spring day!  Hooray!

Free Pattern Friday: Ribbon Bracelet

18 Mar

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! USE UP YOUR SCRAP YARN!

Or, in this case, your scrap ribbon!

Get yourself a teeny tiny hook (I believe I used a 2.25mm (B) hook, and do this:

1.  leave a long end on your starting side, then ch3

2. sl st in the first ch, TURN

3. ch 3

4 sl st into the loop you made in row 2, TURN

5. ch 3

6. sl st into the loop you made in row 4, TURN

7. ch 3

8 sl st into the loop you made in row 6, TURN

9. continue the pattern until your bracelet is the length you desire (I’m betting it’ll be somewhere between five and six inches, average), then FO, leaving another long end on this side.

10. use the two long ends to tie the bracelet to your wrist.


groovy, baby. PRO TIP:

Even though this bracelet is green, and even though you wore it on St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, your mom is still going to pinch you.  She will probably feel bad about it after she discovers that you were, in fact, wearing green. She may even try to make it up to you by buying you dinner.  You should let her do this.  You should also wear something less subtly green next St. Patrick’s Day. Just sayin’.


...It's not that easy being green...



Awww, Crap.

10 Feb

So, I got this really awesome hand-spun hand-dyed yarn for Christmas, which I accidentally left hooked to a lamp while I was trying to turn it into a yarny ball of goodness.

Pro Tip: Leaving half-balled yarn out + having a kitten = Flying Spaghetti Monster of Death.


I am now rounding out week two of trying to unravel this disaster (I even got a friend to help when she came to visit… haHA!).  It’s a good thing I have the cutest kitten in all the land, eh?


I can haz hide in sock drawer?

So, there’s that. *grin*

Misguided…err…Repurposed Projects

18 Jan

Remember that fateful night involving one too many glasses of vino and a bit of freecycled Christmas yarn?

Since the only cat who could successfully pull off a hat was Seussian, my cat hat became a festive jar cover for my sunflower seeds:

And… remember the awesome crazy-stitch cover I made for Kevin?


kevin's pouch

Well, since he upgraded accessories, his old pouch became my new blender cover!


maybe it should be the coffee grinder cover... hmm...

Anybody else have any awesome repurposey crochet projects?



The Last Project of the Season and some Christmas Anxiety

23 Dec

I finished my final project of the season last night… this groovy granny scarf!

I don’t think I would ever have bought this yarn – it’s acrylic with a bit of silver thread woven in, and a little too flashy for my usual tastes… I got it via freecycle and figured I might as well put it to good use (AWESOME… I also got a brand new set of bed raisers via freecycle last night… I less than three freecycle!)!

I’m thinking that if there’s one day of the year I can get away with wearing something like this, Christmas Day would be it.  Maybe I’ll go crazy & pair it with a Santa hat and an embroidered Snowman Sweater…


I could *totally* pull off this look, right?

Speaking of hats, I had a bit of yarn left over, which I attempted to turn into a granny triangle and which ended up looking a lot like a teeny hat for Miss Nina.  I probably should not drink wine while experimenting with granny triangles… I feel very strongly that cats SHOULD NOT EVER wear hats, but for some reason (read: the second :::ahem:::third:::ahem::: glass of pinot) I forgot that last night.


this is the closest Nina would get to her tiny hat. Smart kitty!

Aaaaaanyway.  Husband, Nina and I will be making the long, traffic filled trek to Pittsburgh tonight (it’s usually a 5 hour trip, but with holiday traffic it usually takes much, much, MUCH longer…), so I spent yesterday preparing myself for the holiday festivities by getting a sparkly new manicure & a last-minute head shrinking session (turns out I’m *not* the Grinch.  :::whew!:::).


thumbs up for Christmas Anxiety!

It’s cool that I got the same color nail polish as the 12 year old who sat next to me, right? })i({


National Harbor Christmas Tree

22 Dec

Well, my preparations for the holidays are winding down… I’ve got one more project to finish, and believe it or not, it’s for me!  I have no pictures of it quite yet, but what I *do* have is this awesome picture of me standing under the Christmas Tree at the National Harbor.


look how tiny I am! Hooray!


Husband’s work party was there this year, and man was it fun!  There was delicious foods, dancing, and even a stand-up comedian (who was no Daniel Tosh, but still gets a thumbs up in my book…  I wonder what his name was…).


The best part of the evening was finding a secret stash of key lime cheese cake on the dessert table right at the end of the night (which is, if you don’t know, what Husband and I’s wedding cake was!  Hooray)!  (The frat boy in the picture wasn’t with us, by the way.  He just gave us dirty looks).


now the tree looks tiny!

Anyway.  Merry, Merry, everybody.  I cannot WAIT for boring old January.  Luckily I’ve got a purring kitten and an uber-awesome Husband to keep me sane between now and then!  })i({

Free Pattern Friday: Frogger

17 Dec

Castonerika invented this awesome pattern for a frog ami, which I just had to try!

(and which, as usual, *someone* will be getting for Christmas!!!) I added the little scarf because he looked cold.  He’s much warmer now, and is wrapped in – yup – you guessed it – a repurposed scotch jar!

You can get this free pattern at Ravelry.com, or head on over to Castonerika’s website to download the pdf file directly.   Happy Hooking!  })i({