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9 May

See that chair?  It used to be my favorite chair. So comfy. So comforting. So full of goodness and snuggles and warm fuzzies…

I can haz throne?

Now it is my Nina Kitten’s favorite chair.

She has lurvs for the chair (and yes, she’s also claimed my favorite Christmas present– Sad).

When I toss her off the chair (in a gentle, loving way, of course) so that actual people may sit on it, she naps elsewhere (though she does it with a cranky look on her face, don’t you think)?

cranky Nina is cranky.

I know it might be hard to recognize, but that kitten is giving me her best put-out look because I’ve forced her to sleep on her own bed instead of on my favorite chair.  I’m so mean!

See how she glares at me out of the corner of her eye?  Hmm… I wonder… is it over-indulgent of me to purchase a new chair for myself so that Nina can maintain her attachment to the Ninathrone?


It’s possible I’ve gone round the bend.  But seriously… can you blame me?  Nina Simone celebrated her 7 month birthday last Friday, and she is still the most adorable kitten in all the land, isn’t she?  I mean, isn’t she?  =)


Free Pattern Friday: Ribbon Bracelet

18 Mar

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! USE UP YOUR SCRAP YARN!

Or, in this case, your scrap ribbon!

Get yourself a teeny tiny hook (I believe I used a 2.25mm (B) hook, and do this:

1.  leave a long end on your starting side, then ch3

2. sl st in the first ch, TURN

3. ch 3

4 sl st into the loop you made in row 2, TURN

5. ch 3

6. sl st into the loop you made in row 4, TURN

7. ch 3

8 sl st into the loop you made in row 6, TURN

9. continue the pattern until your bracelet is the length you desire (I’m betting it’ll be somewhere between five and six inches, average), then FO, leaving another long end on this side.

10. use the two long ends to tie the bracelet to your wrist.


groovy, baby. PRO TIP:

Even though this bracelet is green, and even though you wore it on St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, your mom is still going to pinch you.  She will probably feel bad about it after she discovers that you were, in fact, wearing green. She may even try to make it up to you by buying you dinner.  You should let her do this.  You should also wear something less subtly green next St. Patrick’s Day. Just sayin’.


...It's not that easy being green...