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The Power is Back!

31 Jan

…and so is Zoltar!  Woo hoo!  My awesomely amazing friend Jeff worked his IT voodoo magic on poor Zoltar, and now he’s back with a vengeance!  W00T!

(The IT magic involved some sort of silvery goo, some *teeny tiny* screwdrivers, and copious amounts of warm chocolate – cuz that’s the way Jeff likes it!)


I love you, Zoltar.

Oh, Zoltar – how I love you!  How I missed you!  How glad I am to be able to blog from a linuxy laptop again!  *ahem*

A bit over the top, you say?  Oh yeah?  Well, how long have you ever gone without your lappy, eh?  Zoltar, my long lost ASUS is back from the dead!

I will not mention that I may have gotten used to using Husband’s dual monitor set up.  I will not mention that I may have gotten used to the uber-excellent screen resolution on Husband’s compy.  I will not mention that Zoltar, though excellent for my 6-months-ago average computer usage, is now fair-to-middling at handling my current computer usage.


And I will definitely, DEFINITELY not mention that poor Zoltar is sitting quietly in the living room while I blog my little blog from Husband’s dual monitor Compy of Awesomeness.  Nope.  Not going to say a word.  My lips are sealed.


I WILL mention the following:

1. If the power suddenly comes back on, don’t blow out all your candles at once.  Seriously.  The fire department has enough to worry about without you setting off the smoke alarm due to sheer stupidity.


candle party!

2. Power Outages are exhausting for kittens.


I can haz nap?

3. When the house is quiet, mourning doves are not afraid to land on your balcony.


Three tiny bits of hope, just for me!

And with that, I’m off to the yarn store to stock up on some warm fuzzies for two projects: a custom winter set order for an Etsy customer and a delicious sweater for yours truly!  Hooray!

Casing the Joint, and also, a Guest Post!

21 Oct

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but my fantabulous family got me an iPad for my birthday! It’s perfect timing, since Zoltar has been sent to the old-computers home to await a motherboard transplant (which, frankly, we just don’t have time to worry about before the move).  In the meanwhile I’ll be using Kevin and the Good Doctor to blog my little blog.  The Good Doctor is Husband’s Desktop Replacement computer, which looks an awful lot like a laptop but is, according to Husband, DEFINITELY NOT a laptop.  The battery pack is busted, so The Good Doctor must be plugged in 100% of the time.  He’s also seven years old, so he has to think really hard to do complicated computery tasks like… er… backspace.  And, since The Good Doctor is…how shall I put this?… Old School, he uses Windows, crashes Adobe, and runs too slowly to even LOAD video.  Good thing I have Kevin, eh?

Anyway, for the foreseeable future it will be me, The Good Doctor, and my new iPad, Kevin.   I made Kevin this groovy pocket, but I’m not sure I’m in love with it… Methinks it needs a better design plan.  (Also, sorry about the teeny picture… I really MUST remember not to rely on my iphone camera…) Thoughts?

Caliente Pocket!

Oh, and one more thing!  I’ve been invited to do a guest post about my crazy houseplant habits at With Duck & Goose’s blog, and it should be appearing today!  Yay!  Go check it out, and stay tuned for Amy’s guest post next week here at A Happy One!  })i({

Poor, poor Zoltar

12 Oct


Please pray for Zoltar… he’s got cancer of the everything.  He’s already two years old (which is like 80 in computer years), and it’s not looking good.  Yesterday he made a very loud, very sad computery noise and then shut himself down.  Sad, sad.  Laptops are not supposed to sound like airplanes, amirite? I knew Zoltar was sick, but now I’m wondering if he’ll even make it back from Chibication.  So, so sad.  I love you, Zoltar, and your Linuxy goodness, too.


I love you, Zoltar.


I am quite lucky to have a software-y Husband and a hardware-y Husband’s brother, but even with their powers combined it’s difficult to save a computer that is so poorly designed.  Who puts the intake for the cooling fan on the bottom of the computer, then covers it up with magnetic tape to redirect the airflow directly over the hard drive?  Really, Asus?  Really?  That’s like building a Superman whose nose and mouth just happen to be located on the soles of his feet, which just happen to be covered in kryptonite.

Anyway.  Please, if you pray, pray for Zoltar.  He’s a sick, sick superhero.  })i({