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Circle gets the Square

13 Aug

My house is filled with squares.  We’ve got this afghan, made by my husband’s grandmother:

And I just finished a blanket made of these:

(someone’s getting it as a gift in the near future, so I’ll refrain from posting the finished product just yet, even though I’m totally psyched with how it turned out!).

I am sick of squares.  Really, really sick and tired of crocheting squares, looking at squares, thinking about squares…  You name it, I’m tired of it.  When I started the square project I was in love with squares.  Now, oh now I want squares to leave me alone.

So, determined to make my next project a no-squares-allowed project, I started a ripple afghan.  I got this far:

…and then decided that stripes are even less cool than squares.  For about a millisecond I considered going back to my trusty squares.  Squares, after all, are delightful, fun, and easy to connect into bigger things.  Then, mostly because I couldn’t bear the thought of accepting that I really do love squares, I threw caution to the wind and did this:

CIRCLES!  Aren’t they fun?  Aren’t they cute?  Don’t they look like little cd’s or little records or something?  Awww, circles are the new squares!  …Don’t ask me how I’m going to turn these circles into a blanket, by the way.  I have no idea.  I couldn’t find a tutorial online that I liked, so I’m going to just hope for the best.  I fear the joining may involve turning all those pretty circles back into squares, but I just can’t bear to think about that right now…   HOORAY, CIRCLES!  (…for now…)   })i({