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New Mexico is filled with Crazy!

18 Oct

Hi, friends!  Sorry about the missing blog posts these past few days… apparently recovering from a Chibication is rather dramatic.  ANYWHO.

After a two week stint visiting my sister, I’ve decided that New Mexico is filled with Crazy, and here’s why:

1. They sell these in their stores.  (Oh yeah, that’s blown glass fowl.  I’ll give you a dollar if you display this in your home.)


blown glass Crazy

2. They think this is good advertising:


creepy & crazy at the Harley store (and no, it wasn’t a Halloween decoration)

3. I had to convince Chibi that we should not let this little guy hang out on her back porch:


crazy, possibly lethal spidery friend

4. They think passive voice makes for effective signage:


your butt would have been kicked by me if I'd have been there when you ordered this sign. Crazy AND Gross.

(IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’m not a Baptist hater… There’s no wrong way to get to God.  Just please, PLEASE get someone to proofread your sign before you post it in front of your church!)

And finally, they sell angora bamboo yarn for two bucks a skein!


Holy Good Deal, Batman!


And that’s why, friends, I’m glad to be back in sane (see what I did there?) Washington, DC, where a gallon of milk costs six dollars, it takes an hour to drive two miles, and your rent is twice that of your New Mexican neighbor’s mortgage.   Ahhh, welcome home, me!  })i({