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24 May

Let’s say you had a glass of soda for dinner last night, after which you turned the 2-liter sideways so it would fit in your fridge.

(how am I only just NOW discovering green tea ginger ale???  YUM.)

Then, while getting things out for your lunch today, you noticed that your blueberries were looking a bit soggy.

imagine these, floating lazily in a sea of diet bubbley goodness...

Fast forward six towels, two pints of blueberries, and an empty 2-liter later, and you’ll decide the following:

1) You really, really (for real this time) REALLY ought to stop buying soda.

2) Your fridge is probably the cleanest it’s been, like, ever (green tea has cleansing properties, right?)

3) blueberries soaked in ginger ale is your new favorite lunch.