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19 Apr

Here’s how the last few days have been going around here:

Friday night: do laundry, pack, help Husband fill out security paperwork, realize there’s no food in the house, eat a bit of lettuce for dinner because that’s all you can find, fall into bed exhausted.

Saturday: get up at the a** crack of dawn while yelling, “NO, NO NO!” at your alarm clock, drive to Pittsburgh, go to a wedding, go to a wedding reception, have an intense yet utterly fulfilling conversation with your family, fall into bed exhausted.

(Funny anecdote of the evening, which occurred around 11:45pm):

daD: What are you doing down here, Melissa?

Me: Getting some whiskey.

daD: Why?

Me: There are two crying people on my bed and I can’t sleep.

daD: Do you really think whiskey is the best way to deal with that?

Me: Well… I’M not crying on my bed, and I want some whiskey!

daD: Carry on, then.)

Sunday: get up a few minutes after the a** crack of dawn, pack, attend a baptism, attend a baptism party, begin the drive home, stop in Breezewood at 4:30pm to eat *gasp* DINNER (yeah, yeah.  I’m old), get stuck in traffic, get home, unpack, realize there’s no food in the house, make a crack on facebook about how exciting it is to go to bed before dark, fall into bed exhausted.


Monday: try not to throw the alarm across the room when it goes off, feed the cat (who is cranky about having been left alone all weekend), realize there’s no food in the house, go meet two new clients at work, come home, realize there’s no food in the house, realize there’s no laundry soap in the house, eat some sort of mishmash you’re calling “stir fry,” but is actually the following:

-a half a bag of frozen edamame you found in the back of the freezer

– some black beans you didn’t have enough time to soak properly and are now curiously al dente

– three chopped baby carrots (the *only* food in the refrigerator, btw)

– a can of fire roasted tomatoes

– a tortilla

– some tuna

– a handful of rice, which you threw in with the beans to cook and subsequently turned an interesting shade of purple, and

– some pinto beans.

then, yup, you guessed it: fall into bed exhausted.

So, it’s been an eventful few days.  BUT, some really awesome things happened – the best of which was that I discovered a grocery delivery service!  Yay!

How was your weekend?

An Unexpected Event

4 Apr


An unexpected death in the family had me road-tripping to Pittsburgh late last week (which is why you had no FPF…my apologies), and I only arrived back in DC a few minutes ago.  Since I forgot my camera (as usual), you’ll have to take my word that the following things actually happened:

1. I met  my new nephew, who, in case you were wondering, is UTTERLY awesome.

2. I said good-bye to an old friend by doing a shot of tequila with my moM, daD, brotheR, sister-in-laW, and Chibi. (Yeah, that’s right. My family ROCKS the grieving process).

3. I discovered something that should NEVER be repurposed — an empty weed killer bucket — and taught my 2.5 year old nephew a new phrase.  (“DO NOT REUSE THIS CONTAINER,” which, if you’re two and a half, sounds a lot like, “DOOO ROOoOSE TAINER.”)

4. I hugged some people I haven’t hugged in a long time, told them I missed them, and admired their brandy new almost finished house (and watched their little son lock himself in his closet about sixty thousand times).

5. I shot some coke cans all up, in the name of target practice, with my daD.


Sorry, Coke.

6. I renewed my love/hate relationship with the PA Turnpike.


I hate you, construction.


Here’s to Harvey, who once spent an hour trying to convince me I ought to be a professional beer taster – may the next phase of his journey be everything he hoped for and more.

Thank You.

25 Nov

Husband and I had a landlord once who ended every conversation by saying, “Okay, thank you, I appreciate you!  Bye-bye!”  We loved that little phrase so much we adopted it as our own, and now next to “I love you,” “I appreciate you” is the phrase you’ll hear most often at our house.  We aren’t the type of people who pray before each meal, but we do take a moment to look each other in the eyes and say thank you.

Thank you for choosing to be married to me.  Thank you for getting the mail.  Thank you for picking up my prescription.  Thank you for talking me off the ledge.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for taking out the trash.  Thank you for going to work today.  Thank you for digging the Jacket Garden.  Thank you for setting up our budget.  Thank you for bringing me a glass of water.  Thank you for snuggling me when I have nightmares.  Thank you for letting me win at Dr. Mario sometimes.  Thank you for accepting me for who I am.  Thank you for fixing my computer.  Thank you for making the bed.  Thank you for fighting with me. Thank you for making dinner.  Thank you for taking my car to the shop.  Thank you for driving me crazy.  Thank you for making that doctor’s appointment.  Thank you for staying up all night discussing philosophy with me.  Thank you for finding my phone charger.  Thank you for playing the piano for me.  Thank you for teaching me about God and life and how important it is to be thankful.  Thank you for getting me a napkin.  Thank you for making me laugh.  Thank you for holding my hand.  Thank you for helping me up when I got stuck under the bed looking for the kitten.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Thank you.  I appreciate you.  })i({


5 Sep

…uhm, no one, actually. Apparently none of you hang out in airport bars in Pittsburgh with your parents. Never fear, though. We are the Queen of This Blog, and We have decided to name a Winner anyway. The Winner, chosen by Ourself the Queen because she left the snarkiest comment, has been contacted via e-mail, and We are pleased to bestow upon her the Custom Order of Her Choice from Our Etsy Shoppe, valued at $50.  Congratulations, Brooke!  (Can you tell I spent the week catching up on the Tudors?)

And now, because you, Our most loyal readers, are yet unsatisfied, here are the rest of the guessing game pictures: 

My daD and I were waiting for my Mom’s flight to arrive at the Pittsburgh airport, and so we stopped in for a beer and a shot.  Yes, yes.  daD and I drink beers and shots together.  I LOVE IT!  I’m not sure if it was the beers (or the shots), but daD & I thought the counter top at this particular bar was the coolest thing we’d ever seen.  We especially liked (read: “mocked”) the fact that people wrote their initials on pennies & then shoved them up under the bar top (FYI: it was extremely difficult for me to take a picture of the bar top without either my legs or bar paraphernalia in the shot).

daD began to ridicule both the pennies and the countless people who had wasted their money (and defaced currency), and ended his diatribe with the following: “And what kind of person carries a Sharpie around, anyway?”

Well, friends, I was a Girl Scout.  I was told to “Be Prepared.”   I whipped out my click-top Sharpie marker & initialed daD’s pennies like a champ (What, you thought I was going to spend my own money?  Come on now.  I just batted my eyes a little and three pennies appeared in front of me.  Aren’t daDs great?).  It is important to note that by this time the entire bar was listening to our conversation, and everyone (including the bartender) was now openly mocking Yours Truly.  It didn’t help that I was the only woman there.  Mom’s flight had landed, but she was still waiting to disembark, so we sent her this picture to give her something to look forward to:

Welcome Home, Mom!  And just for good measure, here’s a shot of our bartender, who is my cousin Nick’s doppleganger, and who graciously agreed to let me photograph him:

And THAT, friends, is that.  Congrats again to Brooke, and thanks to everyone who commented or e-mailed!  })i({

Comfortable Comfort

12 Aug

I’ve discovered the things that stress my husband and I out are, as a general rule, not the same things that stress other people out.  We once, for example, spent an entire evening calculating how much solar power we would lose per day/season/year if we moved back to our home town of Pittsburgh, PA (just a few hours north makes a HUGE difference, let me tell you!).  The results of that evening spurned a month-long debate about what was more important to us: going off-grid & becoming self-sustaining, or having kiddos who lived close to their grandparents.  Apparently that’s an easy answer for most people.

Moving, which we’ll be doing in a few short months (because our landlord decided he’s moving into our basement whether we leave or not.  Fun.), prompts stressful questions like, “Will we be allowed to have chickens?”  “If we tear up the front flower beds and replace them with edible landscaping, will the HOA fine us?”  and “Do you think the neighbors will complain if we put the compost pile on the property line?”

Anyway, our lives have been rather stressful and full of change lately, and when that happens I take comfort in a few things that are totally permanent, and therefore comforting: my tattoos.  (Weird, right?)

– A celtic butterfly I got in college, paid for with the first money I ever made as a writer.  It’s on my lower back, but the pics looked awful, so you’ll just have to guess what it looks like.  YOU try taking a picture of your own back.  =)

– a teeny flower on my foot, which my cousin & my godmother also have on their bodies somewhere.  We got these for my cousin’s bachelorette party:

– a moon with the name “Chibi” wrapped around it.  My sister and I gave these to each other as birthday gifts one year (our nickname for each other is “Chibi,” after Chibi Moon, the character from the Sailor Moon anime).  Yeah, we’re nerds.  But we rock it, yo:

And my newest and favoritest inky pleasure, a wolf howling at the moon.  I got this after my wedding because changing my name stressed me out & I wanted to maintain my link to my (maiden-family? what’s the proper wording there, eh?).  Anyway, my dad’s nickname when he was growing up was “lone wolf,” so there you go.  This one’s on my shoulder:

Add to that a few more rather traditional comfort items:

my planty plants (which are all descendants of the plant my mom gave us as a “happy life together” gift when I moved in with my husband), and

my trifecta of comfort: a delicious chair full of pillows, a home-made afghan, and a shelf full of books.  I think I’ll go snuggle there now, actually.  Cheers! })i({