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Holy Crap, A Blog Post! (and it’s about BEER).

5 Jun

But before we get to the beer – I just want to remind you that I really *have* been working on my secrety secret project…  Here’s some proof!

Nina's been helping.

I have also rediscovered the powers of camphor, menthol, shea butter, and epsom salt soaks.  If it’s possible to have four anti-inflammatory best friends, well, I totally do. I’ve got less than a month left to complete my secrety secret project from secret town, and I’m a little over half-way done, so wish me luck!

NOW… on to the BEER!

Some friends of ours came into town this weekend & we all attended Savor, the most awesome craft beer & food tasting event known to man.

How much do we love that all the beers were AMERICAN made?!? Yay!

We were awarded the following:

1. A program filled with detailed info about the 72 breweries present, along with a menu of the snackity snacks (though this was kind of fancy, so I suppose they were technically  hors d’ourvres (and yes, I had to Google that for the correct spelling…).

2. A cute little tasting glass.

each beer sample was 2oz, and there was a handly little measuring line on the glass

3. A wine-sized bottle of my new favorite beer — a brew the Dogfish Head guys and the Sam Adams guys worked together to create especially for the event —  it’s filled with rose water, hibiscus, lavender and jasmine, and tastes AMAZING.

FYI: Sam Calagione himself poured my Savor Flowers sample... he's so dreamy!

So basically we spent four hours wandering amidst the brewery tables, sampling some delicious (and not so delicious) craft beers and noshing on what the experts assured me were flavor complimentary noms (Husband and I spent some quality time wandering between the sushi table and the artisan cheese table).  Here’s a link to the Savor website in case you’re interested in just what exactly all of that entails.


It was a lovely event – I got to begin and end my night with 2oz of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BEER, Great Lakes Brewery’s Edmund Fitzgerald Porter – which was a treat since I can’t seem to find it here in DC.  I also collected this:

My favorite brewery was not only giving away samples of my favorite beer, but they were also giving away my favorite thing!  I was pretty sure life couldn’t get any better – BEER *and* LIPGLOSS, I mean really, what more could a girl ask for?  But then, friends, I read the label.

Icky chemicals? No way!

I can now die a happy girl.  My favorite brewery is a crunchy granola tree-hugging save the earth brewery!  Huzzah! (Click Here to read more about Great Lakes Brewing Company‘s sustainability policies).

And speaking of saving the earth, here is one of the most excellent things I’ve ever seen:

I seriously did a little happy dance when I saw this!

That means instead of plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and plastic plates, we used spoons made of sustainable plants, cups made of corn, recycled business cards that folded themselves into…erm… food picker-upper thingies, sea shell bowls, and these teeny little bamboo plates:

hmm... it's missing something...

Ah. There we go.

It was a MOST excellent event – most people were responsible and respectful – and I hope I can go again next year!

…Now, back to the crafting…