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Even MOAR dragonses!

25 Feb

I’m not obsessed yet.  I’m not obsessed yet.  I’m not obsessed yet…


It occurs to me that once the baby gets here Husband’s coffee intake is going to increase exponentially. Moar coffee = Moar of those little cardboard coffee cozy things that are always falling off (and that I *hate*).  Solution?  MOAR DRAGONS!!!


This little guy is made of washable, unbleached cotton (of course), and ended up with just the right amount of stretch.  Groovy.

I wish I had a fancier travel mug model...


Want your own eco-friendly dragon cozy?  Stop by A Happy Little Shop & order one today!


Crochet Coral Reef = Best. Thing. Ever.

24 Oct

Friends!  If you live within driving distance of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, GET DOWN THERE ASAP!  Husband took me to see the Crochet Coral Reef for my birthday, and it was AWESOME.  I wanted to only take pictures of the purple bits, but I flashed back to my visit of the Crayola Factory this summer (during which I was mocked mercilessly for buying an entire container filled with nothing but purple crayons), so I opted for some diversity this time.  Check out the hooky awesomeness:

try to ignore the reflection of my hand on the glass & instead admire the awesome!

my favorite display

the "red" side of the reef

this thing was just OOZING warm fuzzies!

(Yeah, that’s me.  I was so excited I kept my hands balled up in fists & twitched the whole time I was there!  Husband was amused.)


check out the plastic forks! It's a recycled reef!

the "toxic" reef

This one was made entirely of upcycled plastic…  plastic bags, plastic bottles, old cassette tapes… you name it, it was in there.  As I walked past thinking hmm… where can I find a plastic bag that color?… Some girl said this:

“Who just sits around all day thinking… ‘hmm… I wonder if I can turn those plastic bags over there into a jellyfish?’…”

Uhm, ME!  hehehehe….


the reef was so big I couldn't fit it all in one shot...



my favorite little guy... Fraggle Rock, anyone?

Anyway.  It was awesome.  So, SO awesome.  The exhibit will be at the Natural History Museum through April 2011, and it’s FREE (always a plus), so go for it!

Coming up this week:

A guest post by Amy at With Duck & Goose,

A new series on Raw Food,

A downsizing update,

and hopefully a pattern that isn’t filled with so much fail.

Cheers!  })i({