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Half a Square, Squared. Sort of.

13 Jan

A helpful tutorial for your hooking pleasure, which, if you were to want to make tomorrow’s Free Pattern Friday, you might want to pay attention to…dun da da DUUUUUUUN:

The Half Granny Square

1. Start by chaining 6 & joining with a sl st to make a ring.


try not to let your kitten eat your crochet hook.

2. ch3, 3dc, ch3, 4dc (YES, I said 4!)


aww, isn't it cute?

3. ch3, 3dc in the space between the first 2 st of the previous row, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) in next sp, 4(YES, 4!)dc in the space between the last 2 st of the previous row.

4. forget to take a picture of step three.

5. do the whole thing over again — 4 dc in the spaces between the first & last stitches, 3dc in all the other spaces, & treat the top as your corner (3dc, ch3, 3dc).


it's the trifecta of triforce triatha-chets (except for that pesky 4dc shell on each end)...

6.  repeat the pattern over and over and over and over and over and…


three is a magic number (except when it's 4).

7…over and over and over and… well, you get the idea.  If you make this big enough it will turn into a pretty sweet looking shawl.  Mine is almost big enough for the Travelocity gnome (oh yeah, he wears shawls!  Airplanes get cold!)  Just sayin’.


Hooks on a Plane

6 Oct

Today marks the first full day of Chibication, which means that yesterday was a day full of airports (which I loathe) and airplanes (which I love).  I traveled through three different time zones, drained a pair of (rechargeable) AA batteries, and for some reason Zoltar’s backspace key is a little sticky today, but other than that I am now safe and sound here in Clovis, NM.  Chibication has officially begun!

Anyway, the thought of spending all those hours on a plane with nothing to crochet almost made me weep, so I thoroughly investigated the acceptable carry-on items and collected the following:

A few acrylic hooks (which I despise.  I actually snapped the pink one in half during a layover in Memphis, but I was afraid my steel hooks wouldn’t make it through security) and a plastic needle, which I thought would be better than no needle at all (it wasn’t).

TSA Approved Hookery

A teeny tiny scissors (note I did not say a pair of scissors. It’s one item people.  ONE scissors):

gnome scissors

And a nail file.  The TSA website said that I was allowed to have scissors with a blade less than four inches, but I like to have back-up plans, and a nice lady on the interwebs mentioned that she was able to saw through some yarn with said file when her scissors were confiscated (too bad she didn’t have a pair, eh?).  I took a picture of the nail file, but I didn’t want to be “that girl who posts pictures of nail files” on her blog (though I bet Thoreau would have approved).  You all know what a nail file looks like.

So, instead of looking at my usual suburban hell, I got to look at this:

somewhere between DC and NM

And this:

(I really wanted to try this while standing)

And snack on these:

...definitely following the 5 ingredient rule...

While I made this:

a chibi bag for a chibication!

I discovered during my last Chibication that a prop plane flight from ABQ to Clovis actually doubled my airfare cost, so this time I flew only as far as Lubbock, TX, where my Chibi came and picked me up!  Hooray!  Half as expensive airfare = twice as many Chibications!

I had some time to kill in the Lubbock Airport (oh, such a cute little airport!), so I set up camp in the *only* baggage claim room they had, spent some hard earned quarters on snacks, and made about a gazillion of these:

granny star ornaments.. so cute!

I was, if you can believe it, the *only* person in the room.  In an airport.  I still can’t quite believe it. })i({

a lonely little ball of yarn in a lonely little airport